Party shrinkage

by mshrm

We knew that Tobey’s player was going away. The first session of this campaign was also her last game with us, as she up and moved far, far away only days after. The bad news is, the group lost its only wizard.

The good news is, Tobey’s player has agreed to continue to participate remotely!

So… days after leaving the dungeon at the end of Session #1… Tobey’s entourage arrived, having been previously delayed. As it turns out, he’s some kind of prince among pixies and comfortably well-off. After giving the bartender at the Mangled Puppy a good tongue-lashing, Tobey obtained a house in Tembladera, and is busy converting it into a pixie palace.

He also dabbles in sponsoring dungeon delves, for his research.

Now, the unexpected drops in: we’ve also had two players (Alric’s and an as-yet characterless ‘nother) forced to cancel for next time. By my count, that leaves us with three players.

BUT! This isn’t the disaster it would have been, only a few months back. One of the ideas of the Old School Dungeon Crawl was that the party changes. If the party lineup changes, they just need to change their tactics. At this point, for instance, one imagines a frontal assault would be poor tactics. (I could be wrong, though. They’ve surprised me before.) And that’s not even bringing up the possibility of hired henchmen…