The road to the dwarven ruins

by mshrm

The directions the party received:

“Head north out of town. After about a mile, you’ll see a trail off to the right with a big statue of a one-eyed giant, but be sure to bear left, and you’ll come to a bridge. Past the bridge, after another mile, you’ll come to a place where the road gets worse, and you’ll want to bear left. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you pass the three big monkey statues. About a mile and a half further on, you’ll ford the river at the ruined watchtower. Not quite two miles past the ford, you’ll see a big stone table. Stand on the table and look around until you see the mountain with the big dwarf carved into the side of it. Put that mountain to your back and search a bit, and you’ll find the path up to the old dwarf road. Head west, and you’ll find the ruins. Can’t miss ’em.”

Here are some pics to give an impression of what the dwarven road, and its surroundings, are like.