Inconvenient Reorganization

by mshrm

To begin with, my plan was to keep a document with my map key and print out sections as needed. That plan started showing strain almost immediately, when I saw how much paper I was actually dealing with. Eventually, I realized I would have to juggle even more than that, what with re-stocking and the expansion of options as the characters explore and learn their way around.

Rather than kill trees at that rate, I have decided to go mostly paperless. I plan to print the maps, but keep the key on my tablet. I’ve already loaded it up with PDF versions of the rule books.

The price is reorganization. It seems to be easier to go between two files than between two pages within the same file. So, I’ve been slowly sorting my monster rosters into their own documents.

Saturday is on track to be the first game under the new system. We’ll see how it goes…