Why hasn’t somebody strangled Needles in his sleep?

by mshrm

Beyond the obvious answer, “Needles only sleeps in town.”

After reading the events of Session #2, a friend was asking about the campaign in private. He noted Needles’ habit of pocketing small change, and wondered why the others were putting up with it. I can’t say for certain, since I haven’t discussed it with anyone, but I can speculate.

We’ve been playing together for some time, now.  This isn’t our first campaign. In previous games, we’ve seen PC-on-PC betrayals of various forms. Some have worked out better than others. The ones that failed were the ones that could be seen as a betrayal between the players, as opposed to one between the characters. I suspect nobody’s trying to shut down Needles because Needles’ player is basically announcing his actions in front of everybody.

Based on some overheard conversation, I suspect another factor might be, oddly, Needles’ reputation. I recall there was some comparing of character sheets, in which it came out that Needles has a pirate’s code of honor: he might lift a bit more than his fair share, but if you’re on his crew, he’s got your back.

… Or maybe I’m entirely wrong, and nobody’s saying anything because he’s a PC. They’ve made odder decisions in the past…