More on Inter-party Relationships and XP Awards, As They Apply to Needles

by mshrm

Right off, just let me say, despite how it may seem, I’m not picking on Needles. Not trying to, at least. It’s just that this party is dealing with the classic challenge of a… well, a thieving thief. I mean “scout”. No, I mean “thief”. This is an old question, in the dungeon*, right up there with “What do you do with the goblin kids?” and “Can mules walk down stairs?”, so it’s something that rattles around in my head. Especially since Gabby is now getting in on the action.

Now, let me (apparently) digress into a detail of how I award XP:  if a PC has a Disadvantage that’s roleplayed, like a Code of Honor or Pacifism, rather than backed up by mechanics, like One Eye or Nightmares, and the player finds a situation where they screw the PC by playing out that disad, I’ll give ’em a point. I’m not sure, off-hand, where I got that rule; I might even have stolen it off somebody else’s house rules. It’s all part of my philosophy of shoving as much work as possible onto not-me. 

Now, without getting into details of character sheets — if folks want to share, they will — I see this petty thievery as the natural outgrowth of certain Disadvantages. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to observe, if one wants to find honest folk, one does not look among pirates and burglars. 

I expect, sooner or later, one or the other will lose the contest of Pickpocket vs everybody else’s Perception, or otherwise be found out, and they’ll likely suffer for it. And on that day, I’ll award that extra XP.


* Remember, all Bilbo did was keep back a major magic item as personal loot, then win a few contests against Gandalf’s Detect Lies…