Not really Dungeon Fantasy, but, here’s what we’re gonna do…

by mshrm

In a fit of nostalgia, I went looking at the archives of notes from previous games. I was reminded of the evolution of things.

We got the Weird West game going around 2010. I started sending out a simple synopsis email, just as a reminder to everyone about what had happened in the previous session. I wasn’t very organized about it, so I’ve only been able to recover a portion of the story. The fragments that I’ve found wouldn’t be worthwhile to share. They’re indecipherable if you weren’t at the table.

After the Weird West game, we switched to the so-called “Dirty Supers” game.  It was a home-brew setting, 500 point characters, aimed at street-level superheroic action.  The reminder emails expanded into something more elaborate, around this time, but there’s one vital clue that says they were just reminders and not a real synopsis: I neglected to write up the last session. Embarrassing.

That was followed by the Space Cowboys game. The idea was that it was the game of a TV show that never was, a sort of mix of “Firefly” and “Cowboy Bebop”. For the first time, I wrote up the games as if they were stories. The first season of the show took us through a year. For a change of pace, we turned to a 1200 points Supers game set in the Marvel Universe, where all the characters were members of the Avengers Academy, in the days leading up to the “Fear Itself” story-line. Once that ran its course, we returned to the Space Cowboys game for a second season, and that brings us to the current Dungeon Fantasy game.

The bottom line is, I’ve got something like three years’ worth of game reports that I could post… and that’s exactly what I intend to do.  They’re not Dungeon Fantasy, but I think they give some insight into where the group is coming from.