Throwback Thursday: Supers 1200, Session #2: “Meet The Friends Of Humanity”

by mshrm

For those coming in late:  I’m posting play reports from old games, starting with our 1200 point Supers game, based in the Marvel Universe. This is the report of the 2nd session of that game.

The characters:

  •  Araignee Rose – gained powers similar to Spider-Man through a mystical ritual performed by her reclusive people’s shamanic leaders, after defeating her brother in a contest for the privilege
  • Goliath – long-lost son of Bill Foster, the former Goliath, who died during the events of the Civil War storyline; used Pym particles to give himself the same powers of strength and growth enjoyed by his father; has a serious crush on Luke Cage
  • Spirit – ghost of a cop who died on 9/11, only to be recruited by “The Spirit Of The City” as a supernatural agent, able to possess the bodies of others at the point of their death
  • Cash – first appearing in this session, Cash is a mutant with super-speed powers
  • E.L.1.3.T. – also first appearing here, a shapechanging alien robot with issues

Something that will become clear to those of you who are familiar with the comics:  I have no problem at all stealing wildly from my sources. The first session was, essentially, an issue of the published “Avengers’ Academy” comic, and as the campaign wore on, I continued to borrow events from it. 


What Happened:

Cash finally caught up with the rest of the team.

After some days of classes, Pym announced that they would be going on a field trip to the Raft, the “Maximum-Maximum Security” facility of the Ryker’s Island Maximum Security Penitentiary. When questioned, he claimed that the idea was to see the destination of the villains they would fight.

When Pym happened to mention that Luke Cage was the current warden of the Raft, Goliath excused himself to spend some time perfecting his wardrobe, including a special costume under his street clothes.

Since there are anti-teleportation devices in place on the Raft, the team couldn’t use the Infinite Mansion’s magic doors for the trip. Instead, they stepped out onto the roof of Avenger’s Mansion, boarding a Quinjet for the short flight to the Raft.

Once there, they were greeted at the beach by Cage. He gave a short description of the place, largely oblivious to Goliath’s adoring stare. Then, he introduced the team to the other members of the tour group: Graydon Creed, his assistant Cameron Hodge, and their security entourage. Thought dead for some time, Creed had recently come out of hiding and resumed his presidential campaign, on a conservative, anti-mutant platform. Without being overtly rude, they still managed to shake hands with everyone but Cash.

The group toured the prison, and was introduced to a couple of members of the Thunderbolts, a team of super-criminals working off their sentences by doing super-hero work. First was the Ghost, a technological genius and conspiracy theorist. The moment he entered the room, he locked eyes with the Spirit, and some sort of wordless communication seemed to pass between them. His presentation rapidly abandoned the standard “scared straight” script, diverging into a rant against Tony Stark’s ties to the military-industrial-entertainment complex and the Illuminati.

After the Ghost came the Juggernaut, with a much more down-to-earth discussion of life in a maximum security prison for super-villains.

Shortly after Juggernaut left, the lights went out and everyone’s cell phone went dead. Concerned, Pym told everyone to sit tight and left to find out what was going on. After a few moments, Hodge also decided to go investigate, taking half the security team with him. After a few more minutes, Creed announced his impatience and declared that he, too, would leave to investigate.

The team wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of a presidential candidate wandering around a dark prison, even with a team of bodyguards, but didn’t know how to approach stopping him. As they discussed the situation in whispers, Goliath’s phone rebooted and offered up a text message from Pym: “Possible security breach, keep an eye on Creed.”

Without mentioning the message, the team tried to talk Creed’s group out of leaving. When the discussion became heated, Creed moved for the door, telling his entourage to disable the heroes. “And kill the mutant,” he added. The agents transformed before the heroes’ eyes, turning dark and technological, shot through with glowing yellow circuitry.

Combat had barely begun, with the heroes quickly getting the better of the agents, when another message from Pym came in. Through the techno-babble, it told Goliath to look to the monitor that would appear shortly. As he looked around in confusion, the last agent standing convulsed as a laptop-style keyboard and screen popped out of his chest. Goliath jumped to the keyboard as the others finished subduing the other agents. Using their advanced knowledge of high-tech computer systems, Pym and Goliath managed to shut down the network between the robotic agents. This had the unexpected side-effect of causing the agent with the terminal to break free from the control he was under, wiping his memory, and leaving him a blank slate.

Meanwhile, Araignee chased after Creed, who had made it out the door. She tackled him, only to have him transform in her arms, turning robotic and growing a blaster hand. She let him go to avoid his attack, leaping back and away.

Sensing that more was going on here than met the eye, Cash took off to do some recon. Down the hall, he discovered Hodge, now sporting a thoroughly bizarre robotic body. His human head was mounted on the end of a long, flexible neck, connected to a spider-like body the size of a small car, with eight legs and a huge scorpion-like tail. The final touch was a cardboard cutout of his human body, with an impeccable business suit and power tie, hung around his neck. Cash evaded this horror, returning to the others.

Goliath grew to his largest size yet, destroying the door thrusting his hand through it to grab Creed. This had the side-effect of destroying his street clothes, revealing this week’s costume: a copy of what Luke Cage wore back when he started his super-heroic career as Power Man. Including tiara.

From inside the conference room, the Spirit inflicted bad luck on Creed, causing him to hit a bad spot of logic in his programming and go into a seizure. Along with the binary code and broken-robot noises, he sputtered out a few words of understanding language, including “Destroy mutants” and “Free Osborne”.

Looking behind herself, Araignee saw that the Raft’s vehicle bay was being invaded by men in battlesuits bearing creepy smiley faces. Seeing that Creed was well in hand, and unaware of the approaching Hodge, she bent back the bars shutting off the office and conference area from the vehicle bay, quickly opening up a gap large enough to slip through. She quickly did so, bouncing and swinging around the bay disabling several of the invaders with kicks to the head.

Hearing Creed’s words, Cash took off to find Norman Osborne’s cell. It took a few seconds of searching, but he finally found the cell on the most secure level of the prison. When he arrived, Osborne looked up, remarking, “What kept you?” Cash passed a few words with the former head of H.A.M.M.E.R., before returning to the team.

By this time, Hodge had approached close enough for Goliath to see him. Rushing the spider-thing, he used the semi-liquid form of Creed as an improvised fist load, sending Hodge flying back down the hallway. Severely damaged, Hodge scuttled away with Cash in pursuit. He blasted the hallway behind himself to cover his tracks and managed to elude the mutant speedster.

Back in the vehicle bay, the remainder of the team joined Araignee in the vehicle bay. Goliath threw the liquified, but still living, Creed to the last few battlesuit troopers, telling them to take their boss and go, leaving their weapons and armor. They complied, having seen how little resistance their comrades had given Araignee alone, and what had happened to Creed.

Moments after the invaders retreated, Luke Cage broke through a wall into the vehicle bay, not realizing that the threat was over. He came face-to-face with Goliath, wearing a version of Cage’s costume from his Power Man days, yellow silk shirt and all, and left in a daze.

In the aftermath, it was established that Osborne had not been freed, but there was no hard evidence sufficient to connect a respected presidential candidate to any wrong-doing. The team took the newly-sentient robot, who named himself E.L.1.3.T., back with them to the Infinite Mansion, to help him adjust to life.

On the way home, conversation turned towards Creed’s anti-mutant stance, the politics of being a mutant, and where everyone got their powers from.