Three Unfound Treasures

by mshrm

Just a few items that might be found in the depths of the dwarven ruins.

  • A pint of enchanted rum:   A bottle of rum which acts as a charged arcane scroll when consumed. There are 3 “gulps” in the bottle. Each “gulp” allows the consumer, if a wizard, to use Breathe Fire (at skill 15, doing 3d+3 damage) one time at no Fatigue cost. Each use has a 2 second casting time, where the 1st second is used taking a swig, and the 2nd is used to project fire. Each gulp also counts as 4 drinks (see Bp439).  1 lb, $466
  • Anubis’ Fowling Piece: A fine pistol crossbow, with a snowflake design inlaid in lighter wood on the grip. The grip also sports two gems, a topaz and a diamond. The crossbow is always cool to the touch, and leaves a trail of phantom snowflakes behind it when held. It allows the user to cast Cool, with a 3 point dedicated reserve, which recharges at a rate of 1 pt per minute, but only when exposed to moonlight. 4 lbs., $4976.25
  • Statuette of the Firey Rain: A sculpture of a dragon, about a foot long, carved from dragonbone, with two azurites for eyes. It is enchanted to cast Rain of Fire, with a 6 pt dedicated reserve. Most people would use two hands to Ready it. 8 lbs., $13,281.00

The kind-hearted GM might allow the consumer of the enchanted rum to sip (for 1d+1 at a shot), not gulp. I wouldn’t allow it, myself.