by mshrm

Trying something a little different, as far as the format of my critter stat blocks. Here’s one of my favorite classic monsters, converted to GURPS, for no particular reason at all…

This version doesn’t include the shadow-manipulation powers that the original displayed. I’m thinking that I’ll use this for the baseline cloaker, but there is a chance for more powerful individuals to get Power Investiture (Elder) and pick up spells like a Demon from Between the Stars, as described in Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1, page 9. Most would be limited to the first two levels.

Elder Thing

ST: 19

HP: 19

Speed: 6.75

DX: 14

Will: 13

Move: 8 air, 0 ground

IQ: 11

Per: 11

HT: 13

FP: 13

SM: +2 (100 lbs.)

Dodge: 10

Parry: 11

DR: 2 (tough skin)

Thrust: 2d-1

Swing: 3d+1

  • Bite (14): 2d-6 cut (Reach C)

  • Lashing Tail (14): 2d+1 cr (Reach C, 1)

  • Constriction Attack: After grappling an opponent of up to SM +2, can roll a Quick Contest of ST vs higher of victim’s ST or HT, with victim taking margin of failure as damage.

  • Subsonic Moan: The cloaker can choose one of four effects, switching as needed. All are based on subsonic speech, and so require the victims to be able to hear, though the moans themselves remain inaudible. (They have Sense-Based and No Signature.) None of them are effective against targets who are Indomitable or Unfazeable, or who have Subsonic Hearing.

    • Unnerve: Anyone within a 4 yard radius must make a Will roll or be afflicted with -1 to DX and DX-based Skills. Those who crit fail or fail by 5 or more also suffer from Slave Mentality. Only one try per subject per hour.

    • Nausea: Affects targets within a cone 10 yards long and 2 yards wide, but only one try per subject per hour. Targets who fail a Will roll are afflicted with Retching; those who crit fail or fail by 5+ also suffer from Choking.

    • Terror: Targets within a 4 yard radius must make an unmodified Fright Check. Only one try per subject per hour.

    • Stupor: Targets a single individual, who must make a Will roll or be Dazed. Unlike the other effects, this one may be tried repeatedly.


Acute Hearing +2; Combat Reflexes; Constriction Attack; DR 2 (Tough skin); Dark Vision; Double-Jointed; Flight; High Pain Threshold; Indomitable; IT (No Blood, No Head, No Neck, No Vitals); Striker (Crushing – tail); Subsonic Speech (No regular speech); Sharp Teeth; Unfazeable; Bestial; Callous; Dependency (Mana, constantly); Incurious (12 or less); Invertebrate; No Fine Manipulators; No Legs (aerial); Reduced Air Move -5; Weak Bite; Brawling 14; Disguise (Cloaker) 14*; Observation 12; Stealth 13; Survival (Dungeon) 10; Wrestling 14

* Includes racial +4 to disguise self as a black leather cloak


When at rest, they appear like large, black, leather cloaks. They have small claws that appear to be bone clasps, and their eye-spots seem to be buttons. They speak the Dark Tongue, but at subsonic levels.


Inspired by the classic D&D create from