Majority of Party Displays Poor Impulse Control

by mshrm

If you’re reading between the lines on the play reports, or even just reading them, you might have noticed that there’s something of a moral crisis brewing among the party members. You’ve heard about the quiet pocketing of loot before the party split. You’ve heard how TKotBO sat out the fight, praying for his comrades, when the rest of the party took on the ogre. And, you’ve heard about the mysterious Mississippi Jed and how he’s learned the fate of his former companion, who was attacked from behind without warning, stripped of his belongings, and nearly sold into slavery, all by the party that now calls Jed a member… though he doesn’t seem overly upset about it.

A note on the party members’ Disadvantages might be informative.

In the first corner, we’ve got TKotBO, whose defining personality trait, aside from an unwillingness to wear outwear that isn’t iron-based, is his chivalrous Code of Honor. It seems that his faith compels him to search the ruins for holy relics, which I’m sure he sees as his own personal crusade. I think he’s just figured out that his current comrades aren’t as much motivated by chivalry as he is.

In the second corner, we have all the Impulsive types, which includes Alric, Gabby, and Jed. Gabby suffers from the classic combination of Impulsiveness and Overconfidence, plus the standard swashbuckler swagger and a healthy case of Greed. If she weren’t so good at what she does, she would seem suicidal; when the day comes that she has to make a choice between the rest of the party and a profit, she might just cross over that line. In Alric, Impulsiveness comes across more as an unwillingness to worry about details, a sort of “call me when the enemy army shows up” vibe. When it comes to Jed, I get the feeling that it’s more a question of him getting swept up in his own patter. In all cases, we’re not talking about folks who think their actions through. They live in the moment.

In the third corner, Needles stands alone, likely lurking in the shadows. Despite what you might expect, Needles isn’t Impulsive. He suffers from Kleptomania and Compulsive Lying, that’s all. During an earlier session, discussing Needles, I mentioned a proverb I had heard: “The difference between an alcoholic and an addict is, an alcoholic will steal your wallet and then feel bad about it. An addict will steal your wallet and then help you look for it.”  Needles is the kind of guy who would always help you look for your wallet.

Cutting across these groups, there’s the question of loyalty. Alric and Jed have a Sense of Duty to their adventuring companions. (In Jed’s case, it remains to be seen if that translates to siding with the missing Kadabra against the PC’s, or the other way ’round. Maybe he thought Needles was telling tall tales when he actually told the truth?) Gabby and Needles have a pirate’s Code of Honor and won’t back-stab their buddies. TKotBO doesn’t seem to have any particular loyalty to his comrades. He’s bound to keep his word, at least. That’s something.

Everybody seems to agree that the ambushing orcs are the bad guys, anyway.