Rust Monster

by mshrm

Another classic monster.  I expect the very thought of it will bring TKotBO to tears…


ST 9 HP 9 Basic Speed 5
DX 13 Will 10 Basic Move 5
IQ 3 Per 12  
HT 10 FP 10 SM +0
Dodge 12 Parry 9 DR: 0
  • Bite (13) 1d-3 cut; Reach C.
  • Antennae Touch (13) 1d-3 cr; Reach C.
  • Rusting Touch (aura) Any touch does 6d corr damage, only to metal. Effective on any contact, through antennae or when hit by a metal weapon.
Traits Bestial; Cannot Speak; Detect (Metal); Enhanced Dodge 4; Extra Legs (4 Legs); Gluttony (12); Hidebound; Horizontal; Infravision; Social Stigma (Monster); Teeth (Sharp Teeth); Wealth (Dead Broke).
Skills Climbing–13.