Easter Eggs

by mshrm

I borrow ideas from all over the place. I figure, if I was all that creative, I’d be gettin’ paid for it, so I need all the help I can get. 😉

One of the little games that I like to play is to leave “Easter eggs” in whatever world I’m running. I’ll steal borrow names and such from movies or comic books and re-use them. I’ve been known to award bonus XP when players catch me at it.

An example from this Dungeon Fantasy game, from the first session, is the “Golden Book of Amun-Ra”. That’s the name of the book that’s the MacGuffin for the 1999 movie, The Mummy. I knew Rho was going to be a follower of Anubis, and the movie was on TV the day I was stocking the first level of the dwarven ruins, so I threw it in. By pure luck, the party went straight for it like they had a map…

There’s also a handful of running jokes that keep popping up in my games. I’ve mentioned the Tyrannosaurus that dogs the heels of my players’ characters across the genres, before, but there are others.

One I stole off use as an homage to one of my old GM’s.  The first bar the PCs go to, that could plausibly be rough enough, is named “The Mangled Puppy”. It was a punk bar, when my character first visited it. Since then, it has gone through many iterations. In the Space Cowboys game, it was a franchise, with storefronts across the solar system.