Lurker Above

by mshrm

The lurker above is a sort of huge, flying, man-eating manta ray. Its coloration blends in with rocky areas. Its favored hunting method is to climb up to the ceiling of a dungeon room and flatten itself there to wait for prey. Motionless, in this position, it has an effective Stealth roll of 18  (11, minus 3 for size, plus 10 for Chameleon). Adventurers might take -2 to their PER checks to notice the lurker if they’re not specifically paying attention to the ceiling at the expense of watching the floor. In rooms with high enough ceilings, they might also take penalties due to darkness. If their light sources don’t reach the ceiling, the lurker might be effectively invisible.

When the time is ripe, the lurker will launch itself through the air. In motion, its effective Stealth roll drops to 13. Its visual “comfort zone” is a -5 darkness modifier, and it takes a -1 penalty for each level away from -5 at the current lighting level; for example, torchlight gives a -3 penalty, so a lurker above suffers a -2 to Vision in torchlight. Even so, it can make a Blind Fighting roll to avoid any penalty. They prefer to strike from behind with a slam followed by a grapple.

While the lurker above seems to lazily flap its “wings” while flying, it doesn’t actually use them for flight at all. They are buoyed by pockets of lighter-than-air gas, and can hover.


ST 28 HP 28 Basic Speed 6
DX 11 Will 10 Basic Move 6 air (0 ground)
IQ 4 Per 14
HT 13 FP 13 SM +3
Dodge 10 Parry 9 DR: 2+2 vs crushing (tough skin)
  • Constriction Attack (ST vs ST/HT) Grapple at 13.
  • Bite (11) 3d-2 cr, Reach C.
  • Wing Buffet (11) 3d-2 cr, Reach C, 1-2
Traits Bestial; Chameleon 5; Combat Reflexes; Constriction Attack; Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin); Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin, only vs crushing); Discriminatory Smell; Flight; Hidebound; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, No Brain, No Vitals); Loner (6 or less); Mute; No Fine Manipulators; No Legs (Aerial).
Features Night Vision 5 (Visually impaired by day, take -1 for each step away from comfortable zone)
Skills Blind Fighting–14; Climbing–12; Stealth–11; Sumo Wrestling–13 (+2 ST bonus).