Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane, Hand Me Down My Hat…

by mshrm

Some magical items for the fashion-conscious wizard…

Hats:  Each of these appears, at a glance, to be a pointed black wizard’s hat, constructed of fine materials (silk or velvet), embroidered all over with stars, astrological symbols, misspelled words, or what-have-you. To one who is unaware of their hidden virtues, they appear to be worth $171. They are fancy enough to be considered Ornate +2. Both are readily available on the open market.

  • Cap of Refreshment: Contains a flask, 1 pint capacity, hidden in the point. The flask is enchanted with Water To Wine, and once per day will change water, fruit juice, or the like into beer or wine. Quality of the end product depends on quality of the starting liquid. Apparent value $171.00, actual value $237; 0.65 lbs.
  • Thinking Cap: Gives the wearer +1 IQ. $40,171; 0.3 lbs.

Rods: At the most basic, these are fine batons. They appear to be worth $90, unless one is aware of their enchantments. They are all enchanted with the Staff spell.

  • Rod of Spell Maintenance: Enchanted with Lend Spell. A wizard can hand off responsibility for a maintained spell by activating the rod’s power and giving the rod to another person. That person may, in turn, hand off the item and its maintained spell. One does not require Magery to maintain spells using this item. It’s rare to find this item available second-hand, since it’s considered something of a “guild secret” by the same kinds of people who refill power items and so forth. $20,090; 1 lb.
  • Rod of Command: Allows the wielder, who must be a mage, to cast Fear and Mass Suggestion. You might find one of these on the black market, but open sale is unlikely. This is the kind of thing that you find in the pocket of would-be conquerors, which tends to draw the attention of the proper authorities. $36,090; 1 lb.

Robes: A stereotypical wizard’s robe, made from silk. Black, with extensive embroidery, usually matching the pointed hat. To the casual browser, they appear to be worth $684. (An additional premium of $108 gets you robes in a brighter color, including blue, green, red, or purple.)  Each of these magical items was inspired by its namesake in the 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide. None of them are considered secret, and they are general enough in their utility to be on the market. They’re just expensive.

  • Robes of the Archmagi: Enchanted with Fortify +3, covering torso, groin, neck, arms, and legs. (If pierced 5 times without being restored with the Repair spell, this enchantment will fade.) Provides +2 Magic Resistance, which does not affect the wearer’s ability to cast spells. Enchanted with Presence, the robe assures that others will pay attention to the wearer: any Reaction modifiers are doubled, for better or worse. A wearer with no particular modifiers gets a +1, as people assume, if they’re paying attention to him, he must be somebody important. $39,884; 1.2 lbs.
  • Robes of Blending: Enchanted with always-on Insignificance, so that the wearer will be ignored by others in accordance with the rules of that spell. $14,684; 1.2 lbs.
  • Robe of Eyes: Enchanted with the spells Rear Vision, Infravision, Bright Vision, and See Invisible. Also enchanted with Power 4, which means that all of those spells are considered “always on”. $112,784; 1.2 lbs.

And, just because Jed’s player will really appreciate it:

  • Three-piece suit: A set of jacket, waistcoat, and trousers. Each item is dyed black. Considered Ornate +1. $450; 3 lbs.
  • Three-piece suit, silk: $810, counts as Ornate +2.
  • Three-piece suit, blend of giant spider silk and cave goat wool: $3,870. Ornate +3. If you want to use it as a power item, you can always start sewing on rhinestones…
  • Collared shirt: $38; 0.6 lbs.
  • Collared shirt, silk: $114.
  • Collared shirt, silk, with lace trim at neck and wrist: $247.
  • Collared shirt, silk, dyed in the vivid pastel color of your choice: $418.
  • Shoes, fine leather, with taps: Give a penalty to Stealth on hard floors, but worth Ornate +1. $125; 2 lbs.