Gear From The Guild: Magic Items For Thieves

by mshrm

Nothing exclusively for the Thief, but things that they might be particularly interested in.

Animated Rope: All appear to be 10 yards of 3/8″ dragonhide rope and weigh 1.5 lbs. To one ignorant of their magic, they appear to be worth no more than $50. (The elves do something similar, using elven rope.)

  • Enchanted with Knot. A knot tied in the rope stays firm until untied with the Undo spell (resisted at 15) or by someone speaking the rope’s password while touching the rope. This does mean you can tie the rope around something, climb down to the far end, and have it untie itself so you don’t have to leave it behind.  $12,050
  • Enchanted with Fasten. Will tie itself around a target at the sound of a command word. An active target may resist (against a 15) with DX. It has to be touching the target, but I would likely allow one end to be thrown at a target, under the right circumstances. $18,050
  • Enchanted with both Knot and Fasten, and thus possessed the powers of both the previous magical ropes. $30,050


  • Armor-breaking Rapier: Rapier, fine, balanced, enchanted with Penetrating Weapon to divide armor by a factor of 3.  $19,000; 2.75 lbs.
  • Backstabber’s Blade: Short sword, fine, balanced, enchanted with Vital Seeker +2 to offset the first -2 when targeting the vitals. $11,200; 2 lbs.
  • Knife of Union: A large knife, with 1 caret onyx set in hilt. Enchanted with Weapon Self (see Magic pg 119-120) to allow the wielder to merge with the knife and fight as if animating it. Costs 8 Fatigue to activate for 1 minute, so it’s a move of desperation. $10,140.00; 1 lb.
  • Knife of Full Union: As the previous item, with the addition of a Power 4 enchantment. This reduces the cost to activate to 4 Fatigue, and allows the spell to be maintained for free, for as long as the user remains conscious. Yes, that means one could have a spare thief tucked into one’s belt. $90,140; 1 lb.
  • Magebane Crossbow: A crossbow with ebony stock branded with mystic runes. It is balanced and enchanted with Accuracy 3, giving a total +4 to hit. It is also enchanted with Throw Spell and Power 3 to shoot a Suspend Magery spell. For a cost of 9 Fatigue, one can shoot a wizard and take away their Magery for an hour. Appears to be worth $1,200; actual value with enchantment, $741,200; 6 lbs.

Sneaky shoes. Each of the following is based on a pair of doeskin slippers, branded with a picture of a doe and edged with shell beads. To mundane eyes, they appear to be worth $175. They weight 1 lb.

  • Slippers of Silence: The wearer can cast Hush. While active, this gives +3 to Stealth or a -5 to Hearing rolls to detect the wearer. However, the wearer may not make any voluntary noise while hushed, even to speak. $4,175.
  • Slippers of the Elf: Enchanted to cast Light Tread, with Power 2 to reduce the cost of Light Tread to 2 Fatigue to activate for 10 minutes. While active, the wearer will not trip weight-based traps by stepping on them, and will leave nearly no traces for tracking. $28,175
  • Slippers of the Elven Assassin: As the Slippers of the Elf, but with the addition of Hush. Since the Power enchantment covers the entire cost of the Hush spell, it can be maintained indefinitely at no Fatigue cost to the wearer. $32,175.

A couple of odds and ends:

  • Invisible Trap: A man-trap (see DF1 pg26), enchanted to be invisible, giving significant penalties to PER-based Traps rolls to notice it. (Up to -10 for a visual inspection, but ever since the pit trap got Rho, my guys have been pretty diligent about probing around with the ol’ ten foot pole.) $10,180; 6 lbs.
  • Smuggler’s Pouch: A silk pouch, permanently hidden by the Hide spell. Requires a Vision roll to be seen even in plain sight. If actually hidden, rolls to detect it are at -3. Has a secret hidden compartment, enchanted with Hideaway to be larger than it should be on the inside. It has an additional 4 cubic feet of space inside. The first 2 lbs placed within the pouch add no encumbrance. $16,050; 0.2 lbs.