The Map After Session #5

by mshrm




Here’s the PC’s map, after session #5. This isn’t everywhere they’ve been. Notably, this map doesn’t show the Great Bridge nor anything on the far side of it. They weren’t mapping during the battle on the bridge, and they couldn’t map the orc’s lair while carousing.


The main entrance is at the bottom of the image. The two circles, more-or-less halfway across the image horizontally, are the giant stone heads. The other two circles, with the fuzzy outlines, are the chimneys up from the kitchen areas. Gabby climbed up the one on the right.

The angled areas with the dashed lines flanking the entrance are the two archer’s nests. The odd little rectangle with a circle in the lower right is the manhole discovered by TKotBO during the party’s first approach to the dungeon.

The odd-shaped area at the upper right is the natural cavern where the more curious party members ran into the men made of fire. Above it is the stairway and hall that leads to the Great Bridge. Ghorbash’s goblins made their lair in the rooms across the hall.