Tin Hen

by mshrm

Yet another nuisance monster to pad out the wandering monster tables.  The tin hen is a chicken, made of metal, standing 18-24 inches tall, covered with razor-sharp metal feathers. The male of the species, the Tin Cock, adds the Penetrating Voice Perk.

Being at home underground, and liberal in what they will eat, the tin hen is cultivated by many intelligent dungeon dwellers. Despite their inorganic form, their eggs are perfectly edible. Particularly well-formed examples of their feathers may be used as cheap daggers in a pinch.

It is not unknown for blue-painted barbarian berserkers of smaller races to use tin hens as mounts.


Dire Animal
ST: 8 HP: 8 Speed: 5

DX: 10

Will: 12

Move: 5

IQ: 5

Per: 12

HT: 10

FP: 10

SM: -3

Dodge: 9

Parry: 9

DR: 9

  • Razor-Sharp Feathers (6): 1d-2 imp at Reach C.

  • Peck (14): 1d-1 cut at Reach C.

  • Scratch (12): 1d-1 cut at Reach C.


Body of Metal (Doesn’t Breath, Immunity to Metabolic Hazards, IT: Homogenous and No Blood, Sealed); Wild Animal (Bestial, Cannot Speak, Hidebound); Feathers; Bad Temper (9); Berserk (12)


Brawling-14; Survival (Dungeon)-13.