What I Like About Gabby

by mshrm

I don’t think I’ve properly expressed how fond I am of Gabby, the cabin girl.

She’s got the murder-hobo trio:  Impulsiveness, Overconfidence, and Greed. No mystery why she’s delving in the dungeon. She heard the part about the treasure, waved off the part about the danger, and thought it sounded like a good idea at the time. That set of disads pretty much dooms one to a life of crime. It doesn’t make one a good person, necessarily… but it’s a surefire recipe for adventure. Just by having Gabby on the scene, I can be sure that something exciting is going to come up.

Plus, her pirate’s code means I don’t have to worry about her suddenly flipping out and backstabbing everybody else in the party.  When it comes to alignment, she’s not Chaotic Evil, nor even Chaotic Neutral.  She’s more Neutral-leaning-toward-Chaotic Money.

On the side of advantages, rather than disadvantages, Gabby’s set up for one task. She’s built to shoot across the battlefield and put many holes into targets that aren’t heavily-armored.  With her Perfect Balance and movement skills, she’s not going to be stopped by barriers. Her high active defenses and Luck let her get away with taking chances that would stop others. Any battlefield with her on it is going to automatically be more dynamic than it would be without.

That’s good, because after all, I’m here for the show. I want to see the “heroes” win against unbelievable odds through wacky action-adventure hijinks. Gabby throws off that stuff naturally.

It must be acknowledged, Gabby and Needles overlap quite a bit in combat. They’re the fastest and most agile of the group, they’re both wielding impaling weapons doing similar amounts of damage, they’re neither armored enough to be willing to take a hit. Despite this, I think they each have their own strength and niche. I think Needles is better at ambush, when the party can get the foe to come to them, while Gabby has the edge when the unexpected happens in the middle of combat. Needles’ favored tactic, the back-stab, is basically a one-time-per-fight surprise. If given a chance to prepare the ground ahead of time, he could use his Traps skill to advantage. But when an unexpected spell-caster pops out from concealment after the battle’s joined, behind the enemy’s line, it’ll be Gabby that goes running across the heads of the foe to deflate him.

In short, she’s the Legolas.

* * *

Having taken such a close look at Gabby’s character sheet, though, I’ve discovered a couple of oddities.  For one, she’s sworn to use only rapier and main-gauche… which implies that her whip really isn’t a weapon at all, but an instrument of social discourse. Take that how you will. 😉  We might have to move a point or two before next session.

For another, her Wealth level is such that she would actually be a better person to sell the loot than the bard! I guess she must still have some contacts down at the docks…