Enchanted Eye-wear

by mshrm

By player request, some examples of enchanted eye-wear. The mundane basis for all of these is a pair of tinted goggles with ornate, silver-plates frames. To one who is unaware of their magical qualities, they appear to be worth $450. Each weighs 0.5 pounds. Like all tinted goggles, they provide eye protection, but also give a -5 penalty to Vision rolls.

First, the arguable useful:

  • Goggles of Vision: Enchanted with Restore Sight, always on. Any mundane blindness is cured while the goggles are worn. Magical blindness gets to resist against the goggles’ effective 15 Power. $20,450
  • See-Behind Goggles: Enchanted with Rear Vision, allowing the wearer to see behind himself for 1 minute, at a cost of 3 Fatigue (1 to maintain).  $20,450
  • Goggles of the Unseen: Enchanted with See Invisible (4 to cast, 2 to maintain). These are cheap enough that the bigwigs around town likely have access to a pair when they need them. $8,450

Next, the questionable:

  • Goggles of Night: Enchanted with various variations of Night Vision, offsetting vision penalties for darkness to -9. Since the goggles themselves carry a penalty to Vision rolls, in many situations, the wearer would be better off just removing the goggles in dim light. For example, in an area with a -3 lighting penalty, the wearer would be at -5; in an area with an ambient -6 to -9 penalty, the wearer would still be at an effective -5. (The enchantment is useless in darkness, so a -10 lighting penalty would still leave the wearer blind.) The self-powered version costs 3 Fatigue to activate and 1 Fatigue to maintain, costing $4,450. One with a 7 point dedicated reserve, sufficient for 5 minutes of use with no cost to the wearer, costs $4,730
  • Goggles of Clear-Seeing: Enchanted to be able to cast Keen Vision +5 at a cost of 5 Fatigue (3 to maintain) for 30 minutes. Effectively, this offsets the innate -5 penalty for the goggles, leaving the wearer at no penalty… for short periods of time, at a great cost in Fatigue. Clearly, a specialty item. $15,450

Finally, the cursed:

  • Goggles of Madness: Enchanted with the first, “always on” version of Madness. The wearer is slowly incapacitated by hallucinations (see B429). Worse, the goggles are under a Hex, and so cannot be easily removed. $14,450
  • Goggles of the Accuser: Enchanted with the “always on” version of the Hallucination spell. The wearer will see himself followed by a silent angel who makes hateful faces and points an accusing finger at him. There is nothing keeping the wearer from removing the glasses… aside from the lingering feeling that the angel is still there, but is now invisible… $20,450