Choosing Robes

by mshrm

Turns out the proposal to use the styles from GURPS Magical Styles: Dungeon Magic was accepted by… well, if not “the players”, then “the one player willing to dabble in spell-casting at all so far”.

Having entirely “multi-classed” and become a full-fledged Bard/Wizard, Jed has decided to put on the yellow robes and join the Order of the Sun. They’re the ones who go for the flashy, explosive spells that dungeon delvers like so well. In the end, the urge to emulate the lightning-bolt-flinging wizards of yore was too strong.

By contrast, the Delving Band With No Name’s sometime-almost-Patron, Dektor Strang, is a Fluidist. He can be seen regularly around Tembladera, proudly wearing the blue robes of his order. Strang has something of a reputation as a free thinker, as befits a blue-robe. (Strang is being played remotely, as a sort of “NPC-PC”, by a distant friend. We discuss the situation through email, between sessions, then I get to carry out the instructions that Strang gives to Mamu, his faithful man-servant.)

By pure accident, they’ve arrived at allied schools that both have problems with authority.