Session #7 and the Scooby-Doo Ending

by mshrm

There were some odd things going on for sure in the last session. As they were happening, they were mysterious and spooky. Both the PCs and the players were dismayed. At the end, though, they figured out a lot of what was going on. (“And I would have gotten away with it, too,” the halfling snarled, “if it weren’t for you meddling murder-hobos!”)

The as-yet nameless halfling that TKotBO knocked senseless had been trailing the party from shortly after their arrival at the dungeon, looking for opportunities to make mischief. He picked Alric’s pocket — well, bandoleer — and made off with the missing ice potions. He had been looking for an opportunity to employ his garrote, but never had an unfair-enough shot at a straggler, until Gabby. At one point, he had a great shot at Alric, but he would have had to climb up the barbarian’s back to get at his neck, and even if he had made it that far, who wants to get into a contest of strength with a half-wild seven foot tall lumberjack? He might have tried for a backstab, but he didn’t like the high chance of wounding Alric without disabling him. At least once, he could have taken a shot at TKotBO, but that great helm covers the knight’s neck, and he lacks any other obvious weak points in his defenses.

By the time the halfling jumped Gabby, he was getting nervous. She and Needles were right on his doorstep. He nearly despaired when Needles found the first trap. When the thief was distracted by the needle trap (ironically), the halfling took advantage. He was doing quite well, I thought, until Gabby got Needles’ attention. Later on, during the general melee, the halfling was again forced into desperate measures, when he attacked Needles. When that fell through, he tried to cut his losses and escape, with consequences which we already know.

It would seem that the halfling had rescued Jim Kadabra after his near-slavery experience in session #3. While details and motivations remain murky, it seems clear that Kadabra was working with the halfling to some extent. The worm, “Lord Kimboat”, was a Phantom, while the skeletal apparition was a Complex Illusion. Both were programmed with Independence. Casting all those spells without his original awesome power item, the so-called Rod of Wonder (long-since sold), had left him a bit tuckered, which is why he was having a rest and a drink. He was trying for an Invisibility spell when Needles busted his lip for him.

Furthermore, the previous illusions the party encountered are also assumed to be Kadabra’s work. For whatever reason, it seems that he was trying to attract attention to the area ruled by the flame lords.

Mention was made of how, every time Jim Kadabra appears in person, Needles immediately knocks him out with a blow to the head. It’s approaching Quirk level.

Things are starting to get a little routine, I think, which worked against the party this time around. They didn’t mention their usual prep — stop at the church for a blessing, get the torches’ enchantment renewed — but they did remember to stock up on potions. Particularly ice potions, figuring they’d come in handy if they had to fight the flame guys.

There are still some questions that need clearing up, but I imagine they’ll fill in a lot of blanks early in the next session, when they start beating answers out of the halfling. And, possibly, Jim, too. Jed has claimed to be good friends with Jim all along, but he seemed somewhat vexed by the illusions. And, of course, he didn’t say anything about Jim’s busted lip, or how his rocking chair had been knocked over backward.

Truth be told, I expect the first question they’ll want answered is, “Where’s the back door?” … since, there doesn’t appear to be one.