That quiet is the sound of digestion

by mshrm

Between the sale at Warehouse 23, and the new stuff that’s been coming out for GURPS, I’m way behind on my reading. My gaming time has been spent with new PDFs, rather than doing anything terribly productive around my own campaign.

Along with the new stuff, I’ve been hoping to circle around and give GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling another look. I played a wrestler in a fantasy game that TKotBO’s player ran a while back. Sadly, my character didn’t get to do as much actual wrestling as I had hoped, but the one match he did have — against an animated four-armed statue — was quite entertaining. We were using the basic rules, not the Technical Grappling option, though. Rumor is, the TG rules open up a satisfying level of detail for Dungeon Fantasy games. I’ve got visions of Alric wrestling Dagoth like the original barbarian did in the Conan the Destroyer movie.

The special effect that Should Not Be.

The special effect that Should Not Be.


What little productivity I’ve got left over has been mostly dedicated to setting up GCA data files for the Order of the Sun magical style. I’ve got the new spell chains working, which originally seemed like the hard part, and I’ve got a first draft of the template for the style itself. The next hurdle is figuring out the best way to present that long list of Perks… and if it needs to be presented at all. The path of least resistance would certainly be to skip it, but I suspect that would just mean that without an easy list for me to pick from, PC stylists would choose Perks and NPCs wouldn’t.