Throwback Thursday: Space Cowboys, Season 2 #7 – hmm… that’s embarrassing…

by mshrm

Episode #7 was the last of one of Season 2 of the Space Cowboys game. By that time, I had been working on starting up the Dungeon Fantasy game for a couple of months, and everybody knew it was the last of the campaign. I was already receiving character sheets via email. Excitement was high.

So high, in fact, that it seems I never wrote up a synopsis for the last session. :p

The only document I’ve been able to turn up is a series of pictures of the NPCs that the crew met in the Pavlovich family space station. There were three generations represented, played by different members of the cast of the classic Dukes of Hazzard TV show, plus an apparently-hung-over Macaulay Culkin. The patriarch and matriarch of the family were Anatoly and Olga, played by the actors who played the Hogg family. Culkin’s character was named Stanislav.

… and aside from that, I can find nothing.

Anybody who played in that game, if you remember any details, please share.

My apologies to anyone who was just dying to hear the end of the story… but… looking back… it occurs to me that since the campaign was originally meant to be GURPS Firefly, it is in some way fitting that the last episode isn’t getting broadcast.