GCA File for the Order of the Sun

by mshrm

Just uploaded my attempt at a GCA file for the Order of the Sun magical style to the GCA Repository. The file includes a template for the style, its secret spells and their perks, and changes to the prerequisites of the spells that the Order teaches differently.  It does not include all the optional traits and so forth for the style. I got lazy.

The way I understand it, when a wizard learns a spell through some style’s special chain of prerequisites, that spell still counts as a prereq for other spells, even those outside the style’s teaching. A multi-class Wizard-Cleric can’t count clerical spells as prereqs for arcane spells, but the arcane spells taught by a magical style count just as if they were learned the hard way. In accordance with this understanding, what I did in this file was to update the “needs” tag of existing spells, rather than clone them into a stand-alone “Order of the Sun” version of the spell.

If anyone runs into problems with the file, or if I’ve goofed something up, please let me know… especially if it’s something that’ll accidentally grant Jed great cosmic powers somehow.