Some new PC goals

by mshrm

I forgot that Gabby was saving up to upgrade her Combat Reflexes to Enhanced Time Sense. If her next trip into the dungeon is even halfway successful, she’ll likely have the points she needs, at her next opportunity to spend points. Once that happens, she’ll be “the fastest gun in the West”. As it is, I don’t believe the PCs have ever met anything faster on the draw than Gabby. Once she upgrades, the only things that’ll touch her will be characters from the Matrix movies.

If I don’t actually talk her into buying two extra arms, instead. I think the idea was growing on her, when last we spoke. 😉

Jed has mentioned a lack of fire power in his magical arsenal. Literally, fire power: his spell list leans towards sound and lightning, with almost no power over the element of fire. “He can’t even light a campfire,” as the player put it. Considering the order of wizards that he just joined, this is getting to be a sore point. I suspect Jed might be working his way up the prerequisite chain towards Explosive Fireball sometime soon.

TKotBO hasn’t even cooled off from picking up his new Knight lens, and he’s already got another grand master plan cooking. As I understand it, the next step is to pick up True Faith. Then, it is his intention to make the transition, bit by bit, from “human” to “celestial”. Essentially, he’s looking to be pulled off the mortal coil by the gods and turned into an angel. The better to supply his lords with blood and souls, no doubt. Mechanically, he’ll be buying the 75 point (!!) Celestial racial package from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level as a power-up.

I told him I’d allow it.  (The sad truth is, I’ve always been tickled by the idea of PCs ascending to godhood every since I first saw the old Immortals rules for D&D, so the idea works on one of my weak spots.)  When the time comes, there will be some kind of quest involved.

More than one quest, really. I’ve always been of the opinion that the gods have no sense of humor when it comes to paladins. I reckon that goes double for paladins who are looking for promotion.