Session #9’s Corrections and Omissions

by mshrm

When Höss got the drop on the ninja, it wasn’t because he was suddenly displaying great reflexes, or anything. What actually happened was, Jed caught the low-Will ninja with a Fascinate spell and held her fast until the big hireling could get over to her.

* * *

To clarify one point on naming:  It wasn’t that the young soon-to-be-TKotBO gave up one name and took another. Rather, he sacrificed his name to Saturn. “Corbin” itself is a title, meaning “one who is offered up to a higher power”. Presumably, there are other “Corbin” holy warriors out there, pocketing all the rings that their parties pick up.

* * *

Needles’ player added up his torso DR during the axe attack, and announced it:  5. TKotBO’s player asked for a repeat, must have heard it wrong. Nope, still 5.  Turns out, even with all the heavy, noisy ironmongery, TKotBO only has 6 on his torso. Better on his head, of course, which worked to his benefit this past session…

Since game day, I’m hearing rumblings. I suspect there might be an armor re-design coming along soon.

* * *

A question or two was asked about crippling eyes and healing, which I answered clumsily at the time, so that I didn’t address certain possibilities.  The full answer is, TKotBO did a better job on Ridra’s eyes than she did on his. He made his HT roll to avoid permanent injury. She did not. Assuming she lives*, when she recovers all her HP, she’ll still be blind.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way she’ll ever be able to recover her sight. If somebody gets together a higher-level cleric and a couple of altar boys, sure, divine magic could restore her eyes. Probably not a cleric of Saturn, mind you, since she received the injury at the hands of one of Saturn’s staunch followers. It’s not clear who would be funding this effort, since she doesn’t have a Patron or a liege lord or any family who could have ransomed her. The clerics at the Church might be willing to take care of it, but she’ll have to do a pile of penance between now and then.

Unless she’s got resources or contacts that the party isn’t aware of (inconceivable!) it’s unlikely that Ridra’s going to be coming back with a brand new set of eyes, plus a couple thousand copper pieces’ worth of kit, plus another half-dozen minions ready to die for her. There would have to be some crazy plot creeping in, there. But, then, that’s what plot does…

In a related question, I think someone asked how it is that TKotBO can be a holy knight, one of the people who controls the flow of healing, working for the organization that controls all the magical healing, in a world where the Regeneration spell exists… and still suffer from One Eye. I can think of two possible answers, just off-hand. First, given the way he reacted, it seems that TKotBO’s god is one who demands sacrifice. Could be, he handed over the eye along with his name, and Saturn won’t allow it to be healed. Second, there’s the much more mundane explanation. The Regeneration spell, and Instant Regeneration, are both “one try” spells. Maybe the attempt has been made, and already failed.

Gabby should take note of that “one try” note…

* In theory, I would also roll for disease and a host of other difficulties that she’s likely to encounter, but I’m not expending that kind of effort on a one-off throwaway NPC. I’m just saying, it’s not even a sure thing that she’ll survive to find out if that was a permanently crippling injury or not.

* * *

The big goof of the day, for my part, was letting TKotBO heal himself. I had a moment of doubt at the time, but didn’t want to take the time to track down the reference. I chased it down today. The holy warrior’s standard “lay on hands” abilities is based on the Healing advantage, which specifies that it’s for healing others. There’s a +50% modifier in GURPS Powers that allows self-healing, but the holy warrior’s power doesn’t have it. TKotBO can only heal other people, and even then, only when the good(ish) god Saturn approves… which means no excommunicated evil wizards or the like. (Lucky thing, Jed is an avid churchgoer who volunteers with the choir.)

It’s actually not a big deal. It wouldn’t have changed much of the story if I had made the right call. They would have poured healing potions on the problem instead of burning Fatigue, and everything would have worked the same way with a little less cash at the end. So, I’m inclined to let it stand, as an unusual occurrence.

Here’s what happened:  Saturn looked upon the sacrifice of three perfectly good eyeballs, and saw that it was good, and decided to throw one back. You never know, maybe it’ll come back again, carrying another pair along with it. Faith healing usually works on any subject that’s found worthy, right? Well, Saturn looked upon TKotBO and found him worthy.

Yeah, we’ve established that Saturn isn’t really a nice guy. He’s one of the “good” gods, the ones that the humans and their allies worship, but he’s a bit of a Dirty Harry god. More than once, he’s been described as “lawful neutral”. He likes strict rules, hierarchy and organization, rings, and self-sacrifice. I can see a one-time blessing being granted. TKotBO and his people stir up a lot of trouble in (literally!) the name of Saturn, they send a steady stream of offerings his way, and since everybody’s seen the value of blessings, they’re all filling pews on the proper days. By the measure of his god, at least, TKotBO is living life right!