The PC’s To-Do List

by mshrm

I’ve been asking the players where they see the characters going next, so I can get a jump on preparing anything that might need to be prepared. Like, if they say they’re going to head for the nearest edge of the map and keep going straight until I start tearing my hair out, I can start stocking whatever’s just off the map edge. I’ve gotten some response, enough that I think I can place some bets.

It seems certain that there will be a quick return to the lair of the so-called Flame Lords. Needles wants to poke around in dark corners for forgotten magical swords. Jed wants to reclaim Strang’s amulet… though it’s still on open question, if he means to return it to Strang, or keep it for his own nefarious purposes. I think there’s a general cloud of “get back on the horse what threw ya” about the Flame Lords. The party isn’t so accustomed to retreat, and those guys made ’em crawl down into the sewers and run away. Nobody wants to let a monster think it got the better of them.

The jars from the evil temple, and indeed, the evil temple itself, are on the list, but I can actually feel the urgency fading. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they just decided to leave the jars under lock, key, and personal seal of the biggest, baddest cleric in town. For that matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to skip the temple, too. If they had a cleric, maybe, but the only “holy” they’ve got is TKotBO, and he’s more about spreading “th’whappity” than The Word.

The storeroom with the dwarven statues is another point of interest. They’re pretty sure there’s goodies and wealth to be had, since the storeroom looks like it might have been undisturbed since the fall of the dwarven empire. They’re being cautious, because they’re not really sure of the capabilities of the guardian statues.

I’ve got to admit, it gives me a happy glow to see them displaying caution, rather than the usual paranoia. 😉

Finally, I’m seeing more evidence to support my theory that when it comes to PCs, the best motivator is revenge. Not greed, as some might have you think, though it runs a close second:  a PC will happily spend every available penny and go borrowing more, in the pursuit of vengeance. And the initial quarrel doesn’t need to be much, at all. Case in point:  there’s a general agreement that Jim Kadabra and “that damned halfling” will, sooner or later, need tracked down and nailed to something. I suspect those two might have some hard feelings against the party, themselves, so it’s a good bet they’ll all come together sooner or later.