More Random Magic Items

by mshrm

More random items coming out of the half-built software, as they catch my eye.  All are unique, one-0ff items.

Bucket Full Of Thunder:  A holy relic stolen from a servitor of the storm gods, this bucket has a silver thunderbird on one side. The other side has hundreds of small copper nails, picking out the name of the servitor in question in elaborate calligraphy. The user can cast Lightning, by motioning as if to throw the contents of the bucket at the target. The lightning is immediately followed by a clap of thunder. The thunder isn’t loud enough to stun or deafen, but it will ruin stealth. As a holy relic that was never intended to be used by mortals, it inflicts damage to the aura of its possessor, causing Unluckiness. (4 lbs; $8,090)

Shirt of the Dry Eye: A light hooded shirt of unremarkable appearance, with two exceptions. First, it is embroidered on the left breast with the figure of a priest at prayer. Second, it has a set of three small, iron bells attached at the wrist of its left sleeve. The bells have scratches around their rims, arranged to give the impression of a minimalist riverbank. When the wearer touches the embroidered priest, she may cast Emotion Control to produce any emotion. When she rings the bells, she can cast Destroy Water. Both spells are enchanted at an effective 20 skill. (0.44 lbs; $158.40/$150,158.40)

Scythe of Disassembly: A scythe painted in a black-and-white scheme meant to make it seem to be made of interlocking bones. Even the blade is enameled in black, with a backing of white “bones”. It’s enchanted such that when it delivers a wound that cripples a limb, that limb is amputated outright. Furthermore, the enchantment was performed with a Power of 20, making it effective even in low-mana surroundings. (5 lbs; $90/$75,090)

Zim’s Skeleton Key:  An elaborate, enchanted, portable ram, which is almost certainly not named for Sergeant Zim of the Tembladera Guard. Perhaps an ancestor of the same name. While the business end is shod with steel, the rest of the ram is beautifully decorated. The far end is decorated with a series of beads in the shape of a hand waving a wand. The butt of the ram is encircled by a pattern of gold wires forming interlocking diamonds and triangles, giving the impression of an inferno. If one gazes upon the ram for too long, the grain of the wood seems to writhe like smoke, increasing that impression. These decorations are a clue as to the ram’s enchantments:  it enables the user to cast Warm and Create Fire. It seems that it was created as an instrument for opening strong, but flammable, doors under freezing conditions. (35 lbs; $3,263/$12,263)

Deck of Khonsu: A deck of playing cards, each card having been expertly dyed to display a scene from Egypt. (Note: This is the Egypt of the world of Tembladera, an ancient and powerful land, steeped in thousands of years of history and famous for its uncountable number of pyramids… which are tools used by its undead mummy rulers to maintain their own mystical powers.) When the proper card is turned face-up on top of the deck, it enables the owner to cast Sand Jet, with a enchantment power of 20. The deck was created by a native of Egypt, a gambler, who wanted a secret weapon. (0.25 lbs; $175/$36175)

Dragonbone Arrows of Seeking: A bundle containing an even dozen elf-made arrows. The arrows are balanced for +1 to Bow skill when used, and made from dragonbone. The broadhead arrowheads are forged from steel, but lightly carved to resemble a leaf. Each arrowhead has a polished stone inclusion in the shape of concentric circles, like a small target. Furthermore, they are enchanted with Accuracy +3, demonstrating the magical mastery of the elven enchanters. Each arrow weighs 0.1 lbs, and appears to be worth $66 to the mundane eye. Including the enchantment, each arrow is worth $10,066. (total 1.2 lbs; $120,792)