Filling out the set by request: Mouse-Folk

by mshrm

We’ve already got a cat-folk in the party. One player has announced his intention to write up a dog-folk Knight as a backup character.  In light of this, we’ve got one other player who has requested mouse-folk. That way, he says, we can have the full set from the cartoons:  Spike, Tom, and Jerry.

And so…

Misen (Mouse-Folk)       8 points

Choice Professions: Thief, Innkeeper

Marginal Professions: Knight, Barbarian

The misen are not one of the great races of the world of Tembladera. They mainly survive by being too cute and pitiful to eat. They can hibernate for months at a time, an ability that they use to wait out cold weather and famine. Unsurprisingly, very few of them become dungeon-delvers. Most find employment in the service industry, working in inns.

The fur of the mouse-folk is sufficient for warmth and modesty. Quite often, the only clothing that they will wear is a tool-belt or apron. It’s almost impossible to find armor to fit them. Many misen are Unfit, or sell back Fatigue.

Misen calculate their height and weight as if they were halflings. Their fur comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Their eyes are large, expressive, and show no whites. Most misen’s eyes are dark brown to black, but a large minority have blue eyes.

Attribute Modifiers: ST -4

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: SM -2

Advantages: Acute Hearing 2; Attractive (“cute”); Fur; Metabolism Control 7 (Hibernation); Mousy Ways 1*; Night Vision 5; Peripheral Vision; Pitiable; Sharp Teeth; Temperature Tolerance 2

Disadvantages: Sleepy (50% of the time)

* A racial talent costing 5 points per level, adding to Climbing, Cooking, Jumping, and Stealth, and giving a reaction bonus when pitied. Individual misen may increase the talent’s level up to 4.