It’s not all about the XP. Sometimes, it’s about loot, too.

by mshrm

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a close look at the character sheets. I mean, I’ve kept up with what folks are spending points on, and I’ve mostly heard about any big improvements in equipment, but it’s been some time since I’ve stood back and taken in the big picture. The last time was a few months back. Since then, all the players have decided to mostly abandon their scribbled equipment lists, and maintain their load-outs in GCA. I might not be able to report on how much treasure they’ve gathered overall, but I can see the price of everybody’s Saturn’s-Day-go-to-dungeon clothes.

Alric: spent 317; unspent 3; load is worth $3,270 and weighs 70.6 lbs, leaving him unencumbered.

The barbarian travels light. Nearly half of the value of his kit is wrapped up in his oversized, fine great axe. If you took the axe away, over half the remaining value would be in the form of his elaborate dragon’s-head helmet.

He’s got a big cache of iron rations, but he leaves them all in camp. I guess he figures he’ll live off the land. He’s probably right.

FuBar Bombad: spent 251; unspent 15; load is worth $960 and weighs 18.75 lbs, for no encumbrance.

Being the new kid, FuBar is still struggling with entry-level tools. His cloth armor is fine and camouflaged, but that’s because it’s just really well-tailored rags.

Gabby the Cabin Girl: spent 255; unspent 33; load is worth $7,912 and weighs just over 30 lbs, for Light encumbrance.

On the one hand, Gabby’s got a lot of money tied up in her horse and tack. On the other, I think there might be a snafu in her equipment list. There’s a lot of cash tied up in a fine, elven mail hauberk, which was set to be included in her DR totals, but also wasn’t included in her list of carried equipment, while there’s some leather armor that’s still on the list. If I remember the discussion correctly, the idea was to replace her original leather armor with upgraded mail, not stack it.

Mississippi Jed: spent 310; unspent 0; load is worth over $22,000 and weighs 21.9 lbs, for no encumbrance.

Jed has really come up in the world. TKotBO didn’t even want to cut him in for a full share, to start with, and now here he is, carrying around the biggest fortune among the whole party. The overwhelming majority of his net worth is in the form of the purple-flaming quarterstaff they recovered from the weird sleeping guy.

Needles: spent 315; unspent 7; load is worth $10,835 and weighs 48.6 lbs, putting him at Light encumbrance.

I suspect the pile o’ gear could be slimmed down some, in practice. According to GCA, he’s not only got a sword on either hip, he’s also still carrying the short bow that he swore off, plus two different quivers. There’s some other duplication, as well, which makes me think he’s still carrying around some entry-level gear that he’s since upgraded.

One piece of duplication that I’m certain is intended is in the area of armor. About 80% of the value of Needles’ gear is his armor. He wears camouflaged leather armor on the outside, giant spider silk on the inside, with both being enchanted with Fortify. (I allow characters to double-up on the Fortify, but in exchange, I restrict Deflect to shields only. I had a bad experience with Passive Defense once, y’see.)

Posy: spent 275; unspent 3; load is worth $1170 and weighs 27.5 lbs, for no encumbrance.

Unsurprisingly, Posy’s most prized possession is her bow. It accounts for about 60% of her kit’s value. I think her equipment list is a bit behind the times, though. As I recall, the party bought her a second quiver and a bunch of specialized arrows. (All part of the effort to turn her into the feline Hawkeye, I’m sure.) I’m not seeing those reflected on this list.

Speaking of Green Arrow knockoffs, I’ve come to realize that there’s an incredible assortment of special arrows that are available to the DF scout. On one side, there’s the list of different arrowheads, which gives the archer quite a bit of flexibility in choosing how to bring the hurt. On the other side, there’s a long list of enchantments one could get on a projectile… and most of them are pretty cheap. Relatively speaking, anyway. A $60 arrow is expensive, next to the $2 generic version, but if it explodes for a couple of dice of electrical damage, it’s worth the investment. So, I expect Posy’s equipment list will soon get a lot more involved.

* * *

Looks like we need to take some time to clean up everybody’s lists, next session.

Looking at the wide range of equipment values, I wonder where the money’s going. I know there’s a long list of potions and so forth that they hold in common, but I think that stuff is mostly being toted by hirelings. (It’s getting to be the fashion, among the party members, to have a stalwart flunky standing just behind one, carrying a bag of healing potions, under strict orders to pour one on when the going gets tough.) I can see that Jed and Needles are re-investing in themselves, but I’m really surprised at the low values of the others’ gear. Before going through the lists with a calculator, I would have guessed that everybody was over the $5k mark, at the very least.