Other Adventurers Around Town

by mshrm

The players were so pleased with my list of available hirelings, I decided to throw together a list of some of the other adventurers around town. These guys aren’t the normal hireling material; they’re fledgling adventurers in their own right, worth at least 250 points and demanding a full share of the loot if they’re to join a party.

Arnau: Human thief. Word on the street is, Arnau’s a little abrasive, but his skills make him worth putting up with. While coming from common stock, he tries to affect the dress and airs of nobility. Since the thief-brand on his left hand would spoil his image, he tries to always wear gloves. Still, his criminal record is an open secret. He makes a point of carrying no obvious weapons and only the lightest, most well-tailored armor. If asked, he will style himself an “assassin”, though the only jobs he’s taken around Tembladera have been pretty standard dungeon-delving, “treasure-recovery”, thief work.

Cormac the Spearman: Human barbarian. Big, strong, blunt, and impulsive, this hot-headed young man comes from the plains, hundreds of miles south of Tembladera. His people are known for their horsemanship. While a competent horseman by the standards of most, Cormac’s skills aren’t up to the standards of his tribe. Furthermore, his great size worked against him, when it came to finding a mount. Therefore, he has left his homeland to seek his fortune among the so-called civilized people. Even so, he’s prone to long monologues, alternating between pining for the clean life of a plains barbarian and complaining about the soft comforts of civilization.

He fights with a spear and shield, switching to a boomerang when a ranged weapon is called for. His culture considers the spear to be strictly a melee weapon, not one to be thrown. They strongly prefer to use the spear one-handed alongside a shield, only using both hands when under-equipped or dispatching a helpless foe.

Eduard del Mar: Human swashbuckler. Once a pirate, he was thrown off his last ship over some murky disagreement involving strong drink, unwise gambling, and at least two impromptu duels. Depending on his mood when telling the story, sometimes there’s a duck involved.

While Eduard is a drunken lout, he’s also a charming, daredevil rogue with a master’s skill with the saber. He is also surprisingly skillful with the blowpipe, claiming to have had to rely upon it to feed himself while stranded on many a deserted isle.

Hermione: Ogre barbarian. Being a huge monster, Hermione lives in the same sewer system that FuBar calls home. Even for an ogre, she’s no beacon of mental prowess. She’s known for repeatedly getting into trouble after believing some tale tale or being talked into mischief by a companion.

Where she shines, though, is in sheer strength. She carries an oversized maul and bills herself as an “all-purpose door opener”. She’ll fight if she must, and she’ll lift and carry if that’s the job that needs doing (especially if it’s treasure being hauled home), but she displays a frightening zeal when the time comes to knock a dungeon door off its hinges.

Tara Annataz: Human wizard. Tara is one of the new breed of adventuring wizards who passed up the traditional robes and staff in favor of more practical gear. She wears leather armor, carries a shield, and fights (when she must) with a sword.

Despite appearances, Tara is a skilled arcane practitioner with tremendous potential. She made a special study of the spells of the College of Air, during her apprenticeship, and has been adding utility spells to her spellbook as quickly as she can pick them up.

As far as her abilities as a delver, the word around town is that she’s still green, but shows promise. Her first time in the dungeon, she poked around where she shouldn’t have, and brought down unexpected, overwhelming trouble on her party. They were left with several wounded, and others brought up the idea of abandoning those who couldn’t walk, to improve the chances of those who could. Tara refused to consider the plan, forcing the party to work together. At one point during the adventure, she gravely embarrassed the party’s cleric, which has made her less than popular with The Church, but the whole party made it back alive, which has given her a reputation as a team player.

“Teapot”, real name unavailable: Coleopteran brute. The creature known as “Teapot” has been hanging around Tembladera for years. It claims that it has a name, but it can’t be pronounced correctly by humans. It got its nickname from its habit of whistling to itself when doing anything that doesn’t require silence. It claims that the bizarre noises it makes are songs from its home nest, but they sound like a boiling kettle, half-clogged with oatmeal.

They say that when Teapot first wandered into town, it was armed only with a crude metal knife and a shield woven from grass, both fashioned by itself. Since then, it has slowly come up in the world. These days, it is much better armed. It slings four custom-build chakram on a belt around its middle, and carries a dwarf-made halberd in its top pair of arms. It replaced its grass shield with a normal, wooden version, but refuses to replace its old knife, so long as it’ll still hold an edge. When going into battle, it’ll keep knife and shield at the ready in its lower pair of arms. According to stories told by those it has adventured with in the past, anyone thinking to get inside the reach of the bug’s halberd will get a rude surprise, as it is quite practiced at coordinating its various weapons, even at close range.