Whatever happened to Jed’s book?

by mshrm

I seem to have forgotten to mention one bit of action that came up back in town last session. Remember how the party found a room that looked like the Tasmanian Devil had eaten a library, but with one book left untouched? They wrapped it up carefully and brought it back to town unopened. Even though it didn’t register as magical, they were concerned that it might have some kind of power. Cursed, maybe? Its position, safe in a circle of destruction, was worrying. Maybe it had unknown defenses that protected it from whatever had trashed the rest of the library. Maybe it lashed out and caused the destruction. Best to treat it with caution.

The reason I forgot to mention it is, it turned out pretty anticlimactic. Trevor was handling the inventory of the loot while Jed was dead. He had already put his knowledge of the dwarven language to good use, figuring out what the various etched scrolls were. When he got around to the book, he agreed with Jed’s assessment of “no magic”, and went to open it.

… and got a face full of unhealthy spores for his trouble. Luckily, he made his HT check, so he only lost a single Hit Point. Being in as good a health as he ever is, this wasn’t anything too troubling. He staggered outside, coughing and spitting. Once he had his lungs under control once more, he went back with a fold of his robe held over his mouth and nose, and confirmed that anything that might have once been legible in the book had long since surrendered to decay.

It was a trap, loosely based on classic D&D’s Yellow Mold.  I borrowed inspiration and crunch from Dungeon Fantastic, as I so often do. As I recall, I saw that particular post and immediately used it. I guess that means that I was stocking this part of the dungeon almost exactly one year before the PCs finally saw it.