Buyers Berzerk: Blessed Button Business Booms

by mshrm

Unexpectedly, the player response to my thoughts on Bless has tended more along the lines of “Wow, I never figured we’d get away with it as long as we did.”  Instead of the expected upset, I’m getting inquiries about blessed buttons. Thus, this expanded selection of buttons.

* * *

Blessed Bronze Button: This is the new and improved version of the old blessed button. It is a bronze button, with bit of relief carving to display the symbol or visage of the god of one’s choice (Ornate +1). It is enchanted with a 1-point Bless. These are intended for the general run of the common congregation. Nearly any successful townsman will have one of these, so they’re quite easy to come by. Sells for $112.50, and weighs only 0.08 lbs.

Blessed Electrum Button: A finer version, enchanted with a 2-point Bless. Made from electrum, rather than common bronze, and more elaborated decorated, with a larger, more detailed version of the god’s symbol or face (Ornate +2). Way outside the price range for most, this is the kind of thing you only find on successful adventurers, highly-successful merchants, or the most trusted retainers of the local nobility.  Sells for $16,825; weighs 0.15 lbs.

Blessed Platinum Button: The finest example of the type, elaborately carved and further decorated with semiprecious stones (Ornate +3). Enchanted with a 3-point Bless. There are only a handful of these in Tembladera. They’re only available to the most high-ranking citizens who haven’t been excommunicated — which excludes many of the city’s most powerful wizards. Even if an adventurer were to turn up with the money to pay for one, the request would surely be reported to The Powers That Be before being granted. Of the few that do exist, the majority include further blessings. The rumor is that some have divine servitors bound to them, sworn to protect the bearer. Costs $184,480; weighs 0.25 lbs.

* * *

Yeah, that escalated quick, didn’t it? And remember, when the Bless turns into a life-saving miracle, the button itself crumbles to dust. That really turns the economics on its head, when a Resurrection only costs $6K. When most buyers take that jump from level one to level two, it won’t be just because of the miraculous life-saving effect, it’ll be because of the reaction bonus and the constant +2 to everything.

An adventurer might still find it worth the extra $10K, as insurance against avoiding a death that would preclude Resurrection. When you’re fighting dragons, you’ve got to account for the possibility of being reduced to ash, or eaten whole.

It would have to be one flush adventurer, though. My guys might be able to scratch up enough to buy one electrum button, but I don’t think they could afford three.