Alric’s Bee Cat

by mshrm

During the first part of the party’s last trip into the dungeon, Alric caught a Bee Cat. Finally able to use his Animal Handling skill on a creature he’s actually specialized in, Alric made the beast docile and announced his intention to tame it. Once back in town, he did so through the simple expedient of dropping points to turn it into an Ally. This is the same approach as he used on Dobby, incidentally.

How old-school is that?  The woodsy guy is starting to gather a small zoo of animal followers. I’ve always had a liking for this trope. It could be because of the effects of TV viewing on my impressionable young mind…

Not Alric… yet.

…. or maybe my questionable taste in movies…

Also not Alric… yet.

… but for whatever reason, I dig the idea of the hero who is so in touch with nature that the wild animals are his friends.

At any rate, Alric’s got another Ally. His Bee Cat, as yet unnamed, is only a little better than the average. It’s a healthy specimen (+1 HT) and ruggedly built (+1 HP); Alric’s got an eye for this kind of thing and isn’t going to pick a sickly kitten. Its claw toxin is a bit stronger than the norm, requiring a HT-2 roll (rather than HT-1) to resist. While the average Bee Cat is a stay-at-hive kind of animal, this one has spent some time roaming the mountains alone, and thus has a point in Survival (Mountains). While all Bee Cats are agile, this one seems to delight in feats of agility (Acrobatics at DX-1).

Alric has commissioned a special leather pouch for carrying his new pet.