The Quest For “Boom!”

by mshrm

Jed’s been moving up in the ranks of the Order of the Sun, learning the secrets of how to make things explode in different ways. It had been his intention, after the last trip to the dungeon, to request training in the hidden secrets of the order. Unless I’ve misunderstood, I believe he’s interested in the Blast Ball spell, specifically.

As I’ve mentioned before, this training will require the completion of a quest.  Assuming he makes the roll for his resurrection, he’ll be given the details of the quest before our next session. Here, then, are those details.

“Adventurers have brought back many reports of demons within the ruins that look superficially like children, despite being creatures of vile darkness. They travel in packs, and are known for exploding in a burst of hellfire and bone shards when mortally wounded.

“Master of the Ultimata Dantillus has grown interested in these creatures, which she has dubbed ‘Doomchildren’.  Her studies have hit a dead end. She has heard many eyewitness accounts, and analyzed several sets of remains. To advance her knowledge, she says she needs to study one while it is alive.

“Preferably, several.

“Your task, then, should you choose to accept it, is to collect one or more of these demons, alive and undamaged, and return it here for examination. The Lady Dantillus proposes to teach you one of the secret spells of the Order in exchange. Should you obtain more than one, she would pay a premium of three gold pieces for each one after the first, and would smile upon your future endeavors.”