Fan-Casting The Movie: Strang and Mamu

by mshrm

I don’t recall when I started doing so, but there was a time when I would have a picture to show for every named NPC who appeared in a game session. I know the practice was in place by the time of the Old West game.  Among other things, I recycled the entire cast of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, aside from John Wayne and Jimmie Stewart.

This worked great for the more story-oriented campaigns, where I knew who was going to be a major NPC and who wasn’t because I, and the story, said so. Sometimes the group would surprise me, getting attached to one NPC or another — I believe actual tears were shed over Rahne at one point or another — but for the most part, I designated the important folks.

During the Space Cowboys games, I consciously thought of the campaign as a TV show, and cast actors into roles. (With the built-in assumption of a time machine and an unlimited budget, of course.) I even tried to pace the story to match the way a season of television episodes would go, with a false climax at the end of Act 3 for sweeps week.

… And if you think that’s bad, I suppose I shouldn’t mention the theme song and the montage of scenes behind the credits.

Either way, I mostly quit when we started playing Dungeon Fantasy, and I think that’s been a wise decision. It would be a waste of effort to put faces to the targets, really.  For instance, remember the sleeping guy, the one with boneless fingers, who had his head removed before he could even rub the sleep from his eyes? He had a name, he had a history… and never got to speak a single line. I’m glad I didn’t go to the trouble of hanging a face on ‘im.

* * *

But, even in the land of a million screaming, faceless orcs, there’s still the occasional NPC who can afford to have a face for the name. Mostly the ones who stay in town, but still…

The question came up.  The party has been working for Strang, on and off, for some time now. They’ve met Mamu, Strang’s faithful manservant, many times, to turn in quest items and receive rewards. Who’s playing them, in the movie?

After consulting with Strang’s remote player, I went googling for appropriate images. Or, what seemed appropriate, anyway. Any deviation from the vision is entirely my mistake.

Strang is played by a somewhat-younger Clint Eastwood, with a beard.

“Now let’s go through it one more time: You say you actually LAID EYES on the orichalcum…”

It’s a shame I couldn’t find a pic of him in a blue robe, but there’s only so much one can wish for.  On the other hand…

A candid image from Strang’s adventuring days…

… I would instruct my imaginary props coordinator to be sure and have that sweet hat hanging up somewhere in the background of Strang’s study.

Back when Tembladera was first being settled by humans and halflings, they had to roll their own goblin cigarettes, as you can see here.

* * *

Strang and Mamu have been working together for a long, long time. These days, he’s cleaned up and wears a nice robe. And he never, ever carries anything heavier than a mug of beer.

Mamu, just before Strang gave up adventuring in person and started handing out quests

And now you’ve got to ask yourself:  knowing that current-day Strang is a powerful, respected Fluidist, why is it that young Mamu was wearing the image of the sun? 😉