That Staff

by mshrm

Yeah, been awhile since the last post. There have been reasons, but they’re not related to GURPS in any way, so I’ll skip ’em. In the meantime, I’ll get back to something that’s been pending for quite some time. Jed has heard about the Awaken Craft Spirit spell, which allows one to question the spirit inside any finely-made item. He also has a really well-made staff, which he lifted off a guy with no bones in his fingers who can sleep for years, if not decades. He’s been wanting to put the two together, and question the staff about its former owners.

First step, of course, is finding someone to cast it for him. It’s only a 4-prereq spell, according to the list in the back of GURPS Magic. On the other hand, it’s also a weird spell, with no immediate application towards making one rich, well-fed, or attractive to members of the applicable sex. Nor does it lead to any such spells: it’s a dead end on the spell charts, with no spells that require it.

Speaking as the GM, who has to make this stuff up, that’s entirely satisfactory to me.

So, let’s see what Jed found out.

  • It was created, and enchanted, by its first owner, an octopus-thing named Dhogubb Ctu-shub Haggalorr, who dedicated it to the service of a… deity?… named Ooolatesh. It served various arcane and hard-to-describe purposes for some time. It often served as a key to open different mystical containment systems. It notes that not all of these duties have been completed. In the long run, it was traded away to its next owner.
  • Its next owner was the sleeping guy, who was mostly known as Vash Nerada — “when he needed a name and walked among mortals”, as it puts it. Vash carried it for a long time, mostly on what it calls “diplomatic missions”. For the most part, its duties on these missions were ceremonial. It acted as a walking aid and fashion accessory. From time to time, diplomacy required action, and he used it to defend himself. They came to the dwarven delves on one of these missions, which apparently ended badly.
  • Its current owner is a guy named Jed, poor mountaineer, barely…. cough cough highly-successful dungeon delver, bard, wizard, and envied man-about-town. Who uses it to whack skeletons. Really hard.