A Few Enchanted Cloaks

by mshrm

By request. An old, old request. Probably obsolete, by now.

Spider’s Cloak: A hooded cloak made from black silk. embroidered with a spiderweb motif over the exterior of the entire garment. It is enchanted so as to make the wearer entirely immune to any spider venom. Furthermore, the wearer can cast Wallwalker at will. Apparent value $522.50, or $30,520 if aware of enchantments; 5.5 lbs.

Cloak of Protection, Type 1: A hooded cloak, dyed a nice green or blue, and trimmed with rabbit fur. The wearer can cast Blur 2 upon himself, reducing opponent’s ability to hit him. Apparent value $440, or $4,440 with enchantments; 5.5 lbs.

Cloak of Protection, Type 2: Identical to the previous, aside from the enchantment. This version allows the user to cast Missile Shield. Cost with enchantments becomes $8,440.

The Black Cloak of Al O’Teen: A unique item once belonging to Al O’Teen, an infamous evil cleric active during the early days of Tembladera. It is a silk cloak with a voluminous hood, dyed black, trimmed along its entire edge with black panther fur.  It is a powerful unholy relic, blessed with two powers usable only by those with Unholiness or Power Investiture (Unholy). The wearer can cast Communication and Lightning Whip. Its apparent value is $687.50, or $23,690 with enchantments; 5.5 lbs.