More Unique Magic Items

by mshrm

More magic items, either randomly-generated or inspired by randomly-generated stuff. These are all unique. Some say odd things about the world of Tembladera.

D’arth Ah-Pahl’s Star of Death: At first glance, this appears to be a finely-detailed piece of jewelry in the shape of a seven-pointed star. The points of the star are solid silver. The center of the star is decorated by a pattern of tiny black beads of enamel. It is meant to be worn pinned to a cloak or other garment.

If closely examined, however, the object’s true usefulness becomes apparent: it is a balanced silver shuriken. Furthermore, it is enchanted with the second level of Quick-Aim. The bad news is, this enchantment is warped, such that it is only usable by corpse-eaters. The Star was made for D’arth Ah-Pahl, one of the scions of the House of D’arth who was active during the early exploration of Tembladera, as a concealable weapon on formal occasions. (0.1 lbs; apparent value $96 or $1096 with enchantment)

Shawl of the Agreeable Widow: This item appears to be a shawl made from a blend of fine wools. The edge is decorated with many small wooden beads, painted red and yellow. One who looks closely at the beads will discover that they are actually painted with tiny, stylized, demonic faces that seem to be formed of flame.

The shawl bears a demonic enchantment. On the one hand, it allows the wearer to cast Glib Tongue. On the other hand, every day during which the wearer takes advantage of this power, the wearer must make a HT roll. A crit failure reduces the wearer’s HT by 1. Rumor has it, if one dies from this draining effect, one will return as some kind of undead under the control of the demons who created the item. It received its name from its first user, a woman who sought vengeance for her husband’s execution and was given the shawl by a corrupting demon. The bards say she got her revenge, but was nearly killed by the item’s curse. Most versions of the story end with the widow cheating the demon out of her soul, only to die after misjudging the shawl’s power of glamour. (0.4 lbs; apparent value $168 or $6668 with enchantment)

Hand of Kevan: A prosthetic hand carved from solid ivory, with a wrist-stump cup made of rosewood and leather. The back of the hand bears a “tattoo” of Kevan’s mark, picked out in black seed pearls. The nails are made of silver. If found at rest, it assumes a neutral position with the thumb upraised, the index finger somewhat bent, and the other fingers curled underneath, almost as if its cradling an invisible wine glass.

When strapped on the stump of a wizard’s severed hand, though, the hand seems to come to life. It is permanently enchanted with Shatterproof and Animate Object, giving it an effective ST of 10, moving under the conscious control of the wearer. The hand seems to prefer wizards. If worn by someone without Magery, it will remain in its neutral position, and only the Shatterproof enchantment will be effective.

A wizard wearing the Hand can also cast Steal Beauty, Steal Energy, or Steal Vitality at will. While there is no particular curse on the item, so far as any sage knows, those particular powers tend to bring out the worst in its users. Kevan was a not-really-all-that-evil necromancer who retired to work full-time as an enchanter a generation ago. While he did construct the Hand that bears his name, he never wore it; it was a masterwork created for a wealthy customer with exotic tastes. (1 lb., apparent value $3,900 or $108,000 including enchantments)