By The Numbers: Combat Effectiveness Ratings

by mshrm

In case you hadn’t heard, Pyramid #3/77: Combat includes an article by Christopher R. Rice (of Ravens N’ Pennies), “It’s a Threat!”, which lays out the concept of a Combat Effectiveness Rating (or CER) for GURPS characters. The idea is, you examine different traits of the characters, adding up a score in various areas. Those scores add up to an Offensive Rating (OR) and a Protective Rating (PR), which combine to give an overall CER score. Furthermore, you can calculate a specialized Protective Rating for use against traps. (Since you don’t usually fight a trap, you don’t get the benefit of your OR, but you do get bonuses depending on your ability to deal with traps.) So I’ve been working out the party members’ scores.

There’s a long history for this kind of classification, going all the way back to Gygax and the various levels of monsters. It’s always difficult, because so much depends on the circumstances. The article talks about this is more detail, but the point I want to make clear is, nobody’s character can be summed up in a single number.

Furthermore, I’ve probably goofed up the calculations somewhere along the line. I know I had to go back a couple of times and recalculate things where I had earlier overlooked a detail. I’m sure there are more details I’m still overlooking. If the ratings look wonky, it’s likely because I’ve wonked them.

Basically, my players shouldn’t pay all that much attention to anything more in this post. 🙂

Ok, now that we’ve got them out of the way, here’s the scoop.

The final scores:

  • Alric: OR 57, PR 37, PR (Traps) 37, CER 94
  • D’arth: OR 31, PR 29, PR (Traps) 32, CER 60
  • Gabby: OR 41, PR 17, PR (Traps) 18, CER 58
  • Mississippi Jed: OR 61, PR 12, PR (Traps) 20, CER 73
  • Needles: OR 47, PR 17, PR (Traps) 28, CER 64
  • Posy: OR 51, PR 12, PR (Traps) 24, CER 63

I’m not going to break down all the numbers, but I will offer some observations.

Gabby and Posy are pretty much tied for first in the “Attack Skill” ratings, as you would expect, while D’arth and Jed are similarly tied for last place. Alric managed to take the top spot for “Damage”, even edging out Jed’s Explosive Lightning spell. Gabby lost more points in the damage category than any other, relative to the rest of the group, which dragged down her overall rating. When it comes to overall Offensive Rating, Jed’s got a bit of an edge, thanks to Explosive Lightning and the stunning effects of his Concussion spell, but everybody’s clearly bringing the hurt.

It really says something, that their least offensive member is a cannibalistic nihilist carrying a two-handed sword.

On the defensive front, the overall scores are pretty lop-sided. Gabby is by far the most outstanding member in the area of “Active Defenses”, thanks to her Weapon Mastery and extra Parry from her main-gauche. Jed is equally outstanding as the worst member for “Active Defenses”, which might explain why he so often goes for the blocking spells. D’arth has three times the score of his closest competitor in the “Will” category.

In all the other defensive sub-categories, though, there was one clear winner. Alric took the lead, by far, in “Damage Resistance”, “Health”, and especially “Hit Points”.

Jed’s a glass cannon, as befits a member of the Order of the Sun.

The bonus scores for traps came out… surprising.  Jed, Needles, and Posy all came out with excellent scores for detecting traps, thanks to their high Perception scores and skills — Thaumatology, for detecting magical traps, in the case of Jed, and regular ol’ Traps for the other two. Needles and Posy were tied for being the best trap-disarmers, leaving the others in the dust.

Even so, according to the scores, the party’s best person for dealing with traps is Alric, followed by D’arth, and then Needles!

… because the first two can theoretically take the trap on the chin and walk away from it. Alric was the only member who didn’t pick up any trap bonus points, and he still managed to get the highest PR (Traps), just through being a big pile of rough-cut Hit Points. A trap drops a log on Alric, he shrugs it off and tells everybody else the way is clear. D’arth isn’t as rugged physically, but his mental and emotional stability are unmatched. Some demonic gizmo starts blasting gut-busting terror, he smiles and says it just isn’t like the supernatural fear that Momma D’arth used to make. Still, if you don’t know what kind of trap you’re dealing with, or if there’s a trap at all, I still think I would lean on Needles harder than either one of them.

Overall, when it comes to combined CER, Alric’s just a beast. The average CER across the party is around 68 or 69, and everybody’s pretty close to that average, except for Jed the artillery bard who can throw lightning from his bare hands… and Alric, with his big 94. I guess everybody else only comes up to his chest in more ways than one.