Bleed-Over From Other Game Systems

by mshrm

The folks in my gaming group have, collectively, played a lot of different games. Sometimes, habits from another game system will intrude on GURPS.  Here are a couple that have come up during the current Dungeon Fantasy campaign.

Player:  “Take your five-foot step…”

Me: “Three feet.”

This one came from HERO System. We used to play a lot of HERO, back before I discovered GURPS had a 4th edition. The funny thing is, I haven’t noticed anybody counting range wrong. The only time folks expect an extra-large hex is when they’re taking a single step.

Come to think of it, isn’t it weird talking about a five-foot step?  I’ve heard of folks pacing off yards before, but if you’ve got a five-foot stride, you must have some seriously long legs…

Player:  “Can I abort to a dodge?”

Me: “No, you can just dodge. Or parry. Whatever.”

Another HERO System holdover. It didn’t take very long at all to get over that one. Maybe one or two sessions. I think folks were worried that they weren’t going to get a chance to actively avoid damage. Once they figured out that you almost always get to roll something, they stopped worrying about it so much.

Player: “Does that provoke an attack of opportunity?”

Me: “Sure, at your next opportunity, you can attack.”

I think that’s 3rd edition D&D.  Must be, I don’t remember being that confused by any concept in 2nd edition. The funny thing about this one is, it never came up in GURPS, not once, until we started playing fantasy. Then, all of a sudden, folks started asking if they get a free shot.