Not, repeat NOT, chased down and eaten by ooze…

by mshrm

… though it was a close thing, there.

No, the reason for the deafening silence has been that I’ve been running at an attention deficit lately, and the blog’s getting the short end of the stick. Lots of things going on, lately. It’s summertime, after all. Aside from making that monthly job roll, we’re also tooling up for the annual trip to the woods to roll Survival. Well, not so much; the way we camp, it’s less “roll against Survival”, and more “take a penalty to Housekeeping”. Perhaps not even that. It might just be a question of giving up the usual bonus for performing an everyday task with good equipment.

Since I can’t seem to gather enough focus for a real post, let’s see if I can’t toss out some stream-of-consciousness nuggets and updates…

* * *

The way the schedule comes out, the next session is on the 4th of July. The party’s going to be short-handed. TKotBO will be missing, for certain, as his player has a previous family engagement. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other cancellations as the day approaches. We’ll carry on with who we’ve got, and if we can’t do that, I reckon we’ll just play cards, barbecue, and blow things up.

* * *

After their side-trip through the disgusting innards of some huge, monstrous thing, Alric and Rolf are going to have to make some rolls to see about coming up with some kind of disease or infestation.

It’s become our practice to pretty much ignore a few HP of damage, assuming it’ll heal naturally. The party’s pretty good about picking up an extra healing potion or two to take care of anything that exceeds a few points. However, when it comes to things that are only cured by those “one try only” spells, like disease, death, and dismemberment, we’re a bit more formal. I roll for the caster’s effective skill with the spell, and the recipient rolls the dice for the spell, putting their fate in their own hands. When it’s been a high-stakes roll, like Jed’s Resurrection, they’ve brought in cheats for the roll, like paying extra to get a Bless on the caster and so forth.

In this case, I doubt they’ll go to the trouble. Alric and Rolf are both great big kids, with respectable disease-resistance rolls. “Respectable,” I say, not “remarkable”. Neither one has any special built-in resistance to disease, beyond being big husky slabs of warrior. They might just come down with something. Still, I know where I’d place my bet.

* * *

I don’t believe I mentioned it, but last session, the question of McSwayze’s demon was settled. Come to think of it, I’m not sure the question itself has really been mentioned.

It’s been my long-time practice, with point-based games, to allow players to fiddle with their character’s points after the first couple of sessions, so long as nothing terribly fundamental changes. There’s always something that comes up in play, something that got overlooked, or some “Of course Mr X should be able to play the violin!” moment, that needs correcting. In McSwayze’s case, I’m being even more lenient. The player is new to GURPS, and faces a steep learning curve. It’s hard to establish a long-term strategy for a character when you’re still trying to figure out if you want to roll high or low, and keep reaching for your d20 instead of 3d6.

The first draft of McSwayze included a demon ally, but it was the little devilkin option. Over the course of his first session, it became apparent that the character didn’t bring a lot of punch to the table. He had lots of options, but no clear course of action when hostilities broke out. After discussion, he decided to re-arrange some points and swap the devilkin for a full-sized demon.

Your full-sized ally-to-a-demonologist demon is worth 250 points, and so I handed the player the list of options from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners. After debating the options, he chose a bound demon with Steel-Hard Skin and Flaming Spitballs.

Of course, there was a chorus of suggestions as to what to name his new thrall…