“Corbin, Inc.”, Session #18

by mshrm


  • Alric Redbeard, Northern barbarian and handler of nature (PC)
  • Gabby the Cabin Girl, the pirate-swashbuckler who still will not DIE! (PC)
  • Needles, thief-swashbuckler and wooer of witches (PC)
  • Posy, cat-folk scout and archer, poker of eyes (PC)
  • Rolf, all-singin’, all-cuddlin’, all-bushwhackin’ dog-folk knight — no, seriously, did I ever tell you about the time… (PC)
  • Pai, cat-folk cleric who follows Posy around, making snide comments, and occasionally healing someone in exchange for tuna (NPC henchman)
  • Höss, strong, silent brute (NPC hireling)

Not appearing in this session:

  • D’arth Loathing, home nursing a headache (PC)
  • Mississippi Jedadiah Walker, polishing the bar (PC)
  • Tantric McSwayze, reading the names of demons (PC)
  • The Knight of the Blood Oath, aka TKotBO, aka Corbin, holy warrior off observing the taking of vows (PC)

Rumors Gathered:

Alric heard some stories in the inn:

  • The dwarf prince Theoden was famous for his wealth, even among dwarves. They say his crypt is somewhere in the ruins around Tembladera. His greatest treasure was his golden crown, which they say was buried with him.
  • Someone claims she tried to walk up to the monastery of the guys in black pajamas, but ended up losing a fight with a monkey. She says it must have been rabid, or possessed, since monkeys don’t usually attack humans. (Halflings, maybe, if food is scare.)

Needles, too:

  • Some zombies are just dead guys walking, but some of them can be contagious. When they bite your buddy, you’ve only got seconds before your buddy turns in to one of them and starts clawing at your throat. Keep a sharp eye out!

And Gabby, as well:

  • You hear a story about a fae witch who lives in the mountains, searching for a warrior fit to be her husband. She’ll only tell the details to one sworn to secrecy. They say she’s both rich and beautiful, but even so, few will take up the challenge once they hear the details.

After hours, Needles hung out on the shady side of the street:

  • Sergeant Zim has made it understood that anyone with information concerning the Fiddlers Three needs to share that information. He offers a reward of 50 copper to those who come forth, and a noose for those who do not.

What Happened:

Alric and Rolf managed to avoid falling ill after their trip through the bowels of some kind of huge abomination last session. Rolf found out about the “Inspired Creation” spell, and spent the week stripped to the waist, slaving over a hot forge. When he was done, he had created himself a new, better morningstar. Alric and the others, for their part, spent the week in the inn, drinking. There was much grumbling about the way D’arth Loathing had made off with the party’s maps of the dungeons.

With TKotBO and Jed out of the picture, the party had a lot of ideas and little direction. After discussing the merits of such plans as “hunt giant apes” and “hang around outside the gate and mug everybody who comes out”, they fell to talking about the rumor Gabby had heard, something about a rich witch looking for a husband. As it happens, most of the party was seeking matrimony (with a rich witch). Finally, they decided they would skip the dungeon this week, and instead head into the mountains to search for the witch.

After gathering up supplies for the journey, the party headed out the gate on the morning of the ninth day of the month of Augustine. About a quarter-mile beyond the gate, they observed a cloaked and hooded figure, standing ominously by the road. Aside from loosening their weapons in their scabbards, the party took no particular notice. When they came within hailing distance, the creature called out to “Sir Alric” (causing the barbarian to look around, wondering who the new guy with the cool name was) and tossed a packet of maps at the feel of Freya, Alric’s battle-cat.

“I am D’arth Guffin,” he explained, revealing the face of a corpse-eater under his hood, “cousin to the one you know as D’arth Loathing. I carry his greetings, I return your valuable property, and I would take a place among your number, if you go seeking adventure.” He opened his cloak a bit, revealing a broadsword on his hip. The party shrugged, and Alric pointed the newcomer towards the end of the caravan.

They headed into the mountains, seeking the steep roads. On the first night, Alric found a secure, if not especially comfortable, campsite. The mounts and hirelings were set up in a concealed location, while the main party members bedded down in a small cave. The roof of the cave was low, forcing the larger party members to crawl, and the humans to crouch. In its favor, there was a source of water, and a convenient shaft in the rock to carry smoke away, and they had excellent visibility on the path in both directions.

Even so, during Rolf’s watch, the party found themselves under attack. Guffin had put his bed in a chamber apart from the others, to avoid complaints about the stench. While Rolf was distracted with a bit of dog-folk grooming, a group of halfling zombies walked out of Guffin’s chamber. Three tackled the dog-folk knight, while another three moved to silence the sleeping others.

Rolf’s howl quickly brought the others awake, and battle was joined. While the wrestlers rolled around on the floor, Gabby and Posy punctured the heads of the loose zombies. The keener-eared party members heard a sharp “pop!” from Guffin’s room. With some assistance from Needles and Alric, Rolf shook the zombies off just in time to come face-to-face with a howling demon, also coming from Guffin’s area. The howl was calculated to freeze the marrow of mortal men, but made no impression on the hard hearts of our heroes. Finally making it off the floor, Rolf struck the demon twice with his morningstar, destroying its assumed material form.

Guffin shouted out a battle-cry and came staggering out of his room, claiming he had been surprised by the attackers. Needles gave him a close look, detecting the hint of a lie, but couldn’t tell if the corpse-eater was just covering for cowardice or had deeper motives. They returned to sleep, uninterrupted until morning.

The next day’s travel was uneventful, with one exception. A turn in the path brought some rotten rock into view. Alric turned to warn the others to be quiet, lest they bring down an avalanche. “What is it?” Gabby called out to him.

Everyone besides Gabby noticed the house-sized boulder her voice had set to falling. Alric knocked Gabby down, to her outrage, saving her from near certain doom, while the others dove for safety. No one was hurt, but the rock slide destroyed the path behind them. Now, like it or not, they were dedicated to the trip.

After a couple of days of travel, Alric noticed that they had reached the summit of their path. In the distance, he could see signs of jungle at the foot of the mountains. He also saw a good-sized hut, walking on three chicken-like legs, up a cliff-face on the far side of a huge chasm. The witch!

The bad news was, it would take at least a day to climb down into the chasm and back up the other side. There was no way they could catch the obviously-magical hut.

No way, that is, until Needles started rummaging around in his pack. As the party’s only arcane spell-caster, he had inherited Jed’s pack of contingency plans, including a scroll of Flight, good for just ten minutes. Encouraged by the others, he quickly read the scroll and flew off to catch the hut.

After an acrobatic landing, Needles met the owner of the hut, a tiny, wizened old lady wrapped in a wool blanket. When questioned, she explained that she was the rick, powerful, and beautiful witch of the rumor, but she labored under a curse. Until it was lifted, she was forced to wander in this form. The curse could be lifted, but she could only give the details to one sworn to secrecy. Needles immediately gave his oath to remain silent. She asked if he would accept a geas to keep him silent. Not so immediately, he agreed.

After laying the curse on him, the witch explained: a demon named Rabiel had stolen a chess set, of a unique make, long ago. The curse could only be lifted if all the pieces were recovered.

Needles announced that he was the man for the job, and flew back to the party. When questioned, he struggled against the witch’s geas… and easily slipped through its restrictions. He told them everything.

Clearly, it would take research to solve this problem. Darn shame they didn’t have a demonologist or something handy. Shelving that quest for the moment, the party returned to “Plan A”:  hunting the wily giant ape.

Moving at a forced march, the party quickly descended to the valley floor and set up a base camp. Posy took to the jungle, searching for spore, assisted by Alric. After a couple of days, she located a small band of giant apes:  one huge silverback and his three smaller mates.

“Rolf has a plan,” the dog-folk knight announced, as the party peered at the giant ape band from a place of concealment behind a nearby ridge-line. He stood up, set his shield, started his morningstar spinning, and started trotting down the slope, heading straight for the lead ape, barking at the top of his lungs. His plan was to walk up to the leader and hit him in the groin with a mace-head on a chain until all the apes acknowledged that Rolf was the new leader.

Gabby didn’t see ape-hunting as a good fight for her, so she initially hung back, along with D’arth Guffin. Posy pelted the apes with broad-head arrows, aiming for skulls and eyes by preference. Rolf, followed shortly by Alric, engaged the big silverback. Needles would have, as well, but after being the first to wound the silverback he found himself suddenly overcome with remorse and depression, unable to gather the will to act.

While the leader met the heavy fighters, the females moved to flank the party. One grabbed Gabby and crushed her, delivering tremendous damage but finding herself unable to kill the cabin girl. The giant ape didn’t get a second chance, as Posy immediately blinded her and rendered her unconscious with a pair of arrows to the eyes.

In the end, the party was victorious. Pai was persuaded to leave off cleaning himself long enough to heal Gabby, saving her from a lingering death. Alric skinned the dead silverback, coming away with a 250 pound pelt to preserve. As for the females, they had all been blinded and/or knocked out, so the party applied chains and healing, in that order, to come away with three more-or-less healthy captives to sell.

Alric led the party back into the mountains, blazing a new trail back to town. This went quite smoothly, until nearly the last day on the road. While on the march, Rolf and Needles confided their misgivings about D’arth Guffin to each other. When Needles (the senior, full-fledged party member) mentioned that it might be best, all around, if Guffin never made it back to the Tembladera sewers, Rolf approached the corpse-eater and attacked!

The rest of the party stood about in confusion. Somewhat surprised, but not caught entirely unawares, Guffin defended himself and retreated, summoning the demon Rolf had destroyed once before. It again tried its terrifying scream, again to no real effect. This was evidence enough to convict him in the eyes of the party. Outnumbered and surrounded, the corpse-eater and his infernal lackey were quickly dispatched.

The party stripped the traitor and kicked his corpse into the ditch, as is their way. Comparing notes, they concluded that the attack at the camp had been organized by Guffin. Furthermore, Needles’ sudden and quickly-passing attack of depression was attributed to Guffin as well; clearly, considering the demon, he had supernatural powers of some sort. When they searched his belongings, they found poisons, and speculated that he would likely have used them on the party before returning to town empty-handed.

Once they returned to town, the party checked up on D’arth Loathing, and found him still nursing a headache. While Guffin had been a cousin, he hadn’t been a good one. He had played upon their familial relationship to get the drop on Loathing, attacking him from behind and stealing the maps.