Addendum to Session #19 (or, “Stuff I Forgot”)

by mshrm

As usual, I forgot a couple of details from the last session.

The unbearable vinegar smell:

The party has a couple of members with extra-sensitive noses. When they entered the big room, there was an overpowering odor of vinegar, which persisted through their entire time there. When they killed the mimics, Rolf got a good sniff of them, and found that they, too, smelled strongly of vinegar. I described them as “evil yeasts”, which led to a side discussion of the difference between “evil” and “Evil”. (The main difference is, TKotBO might be able to detect the kind with a capital ‘E’.)

The sheet with the writing on it:

Rolf snagged it off the wall and rolled it up in his pouch while following TKotBO. Later on, when the party regrouped, he pulled it out so everyone could take a closer look. Sadly, the writing had been done with an end of burnt torch or some similar piece of crude charcoal. The treatment it had endured had obscured the message. By the time they got a look at it, all that could be read was “The smudge smudge walks lurks below flee now!”

Bob-The-Wood-Elf’s astonishing costuming choices:

Despite what the party expected from all the talk around Tembladera, Bob wasn’t a bloodthirsty cannibal savage running around naked covered in woad and the fluids of his fallen enemies. He wasn’t that rugged, for one thing. And, for another, he was quite well dressed. In particular, he was wearing the finest-tailored pair of leather pants that any party member had ever seen.

It’s possible that Bob’s choice of wardrobe might have been the factor that caused Rolf to make a pet of him.