Status Update

by mshrm

No game, this past weekend. Some folks had other stuff going on, other folks were all tired out from the stuff that they’d had going on, and the few who remained just collapsed into a low-key get-together. We played some Illuminati. I finally got to shuffle in the cards from Bavarian Fire Drill. It was fun, until exhaustion set in, and the 9-year-old swooped in to win a TKO. He was really impressed that he got to play the Illuminati, although he never did really understand what a Bavarian was.

So, the good news is, as far as I know, we should have a full house for the next session, which is likely to be the “season finale” for the Old School Dungeon Crawl. We’ll likely come back to the campaign, someday, possibly with some structural changes.

I’ve been chipping away at the post-apoc game. I’m starting to suspect that one might be a short campaign. More of a palate-cleanser before the next thing, whatever that is, than an open-ended campaign. Our little group has several fans of the genre, but I’m not convinced that support is strong enough to maintain interest over the long haul. Really, though, I think that’s something of an advantage. If nobody’s expecting “the End Of The World that never ends”, nobody’s disappointed if it turns out to be a mini-series. Less attachment to the characters, too, which might encourage more risk-taking.