Reviewing Party Status Before The Hike

by mshrm

“I’ll bloody well walk out of here!” — Connor MacLeod, The Highlander

In hopes of actually getting a session together, I’ve been reviewing the state of the party. There was talk, last time, of leaving the storage facility on foot to seek out the authorities and/or medical care.

Oxford, of course, remains dead. (Or does he?!?) He’s destined to be replaced by a newcomer by the name of Steve. At a glance, Steve appears to be a fairly typical example of the local population: he has an appreciation for good food and drink, especially strong drink, and he rides a skateboard. I expect he’ll get along with the rest of the group much better than Oxford ever could have.

Cauliflower Jones has a broken arm. This seems likely to be a hindrance. None of his Skills really require both arms, but all of his practical, hands-on Skills will be taking a substantial penalty for being performed one-handed. On the bright side, he’s mobile. He can hike as well as he ever could, and he’s already demonstrated more mobility than the rest of the party, using his bicycle.

Cyprys is suffering from a crippled leg and walking only with the aid of improvised crutches. This restricts him to Move 2. Carrying his guitar and big insulated sleeping bag, he’s at Light Encumbrance. Unless he leaves some gear behind, he’ll be hiking at an effective Move 1.

Finally, Farrah has a crippled leg, and she’s taken enough damage to reduce her below 1/3 HP. She’s barely considered walking wounded. On crutches and reduced to half Move, she’s also at an effective Move 1, but she can’t even travel light. Her only option to move faster is to seek medical attention or wait to heal the slow way.

I suppose the others could display their Scout Spirit and maybe rig a couple of improvised litters to carry Farrah and Cyprys, or something of that sort, but I suspect the added Encumbrance would leave them no better off. One way or the other, if they want to leave their place of refuge, they’re moving at a crawl.

The building that the party is sheltering in sits at the bottom of Sullivan’s Gulch. (That’s the actual gulch, geologically speaking, not just the neighborhood of the same name.) Unless they would rather climb than hike — unlikely, considering Cyprys and Farrah won’t be any better climbing than walking, and Jones would be even worse off — the path of least resistance has them walking a somewhat circuitous path out of the gulch. Surprisingly, between the route and the hilly terrain, it’ll likely take them most of an hour to do so.

After that, on flat ground, the going gets easier. The party will have the choice of heading south, into a more commercial area (cafes, tattoo parlors, rental cars, etc.), or north, towards the large grocery store where Jones saw the riot and a more residential area. Before their phones were disabled by an apparent EMP, some members of the party were able to take a look at the local map. Aside from the grocery store, they also noted the presence of some kind of medical clinic to the north, but they didn’t have time to investigate further.