Thieving From The Wastelands

by mshrm

GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders, is here! If we had only waited a few short months, we would be making characters for a Fallout campaign right now, rather than working our way through a total party crippling… But! That’s neither here nor there. The important thing here is, I can steal bits from it. The first bit to be pried out, of course, is Long-Term Fatigue Points.

From the start, I knew that my apocalypse campaign would need to involve hunger, and thirst, and lack of sleep, and general all-around bad times for the PCs. I wanted more “survival horror” than “two-fisted action”. As I’ve often mentioned to the players, I wanted to find out what happens when there are six PCs and one remaining can of creamed corn. In session #2, the PCs started to feel the first hunger pangs.

… and we rapidly discovered the bookkeeping problem. It’s one thing to count off the last ten cigarettes in Steve’s last pack. It’s a whole other thing to keep track of a couple of Fatigue lost to cold, and one to hunger, and three spent on hiking… Cumbersome. Fiddly. I could feel the frustration with the paperwork mounting.

So, LFP couldn’t come along at a better time.

It seems like I’m not the only enthusiast, either.  Christopher R. Rice, over at Ravens N’ Pennies, has a post expanding on the idea. I’m likely to use his “Scrappy” modifier for Fit and Very Fit. I think Farrah, in particular, could use it…