Nice Butte

by mshrm

Last session, it was mentioned that Jesús was heading for Kelly Butte. This week, the oddly-inconspicuous butte was featured in a local paper. No, I didn’t make it up. It really exists, weird history and all.

And it really is inconspicuous, for a 900 foot tall mass of rock located right next to a busy interstate. The city doesn’t go out of its way to advertise. Just the other day, I mentioned it to someone who had lived here for 20+ years, who had no idea where it was. I think only one of my players admitted to knowing it, having run sprints up it during some kind of “keep them out of trouble by keeping them busy” overnight in high school.

In the real world, the civil defense bunker was covered over back in 2006, but in the 2012 of the campaign, that might not necessarily be true. If it is, that would mean poor Jesús was working off old information and due for a surprise.