Link to back up the word-of-mouth

by mshrm

I’ve been meaning to post a link to Shooting Dice, Hans-Christian Vortisch’s blog, since I’ve mentioned it to my players so often in conversation. I was reminded again by this recent post and finally bestirred myself. That post takes a gunfight from Breaking Bad and tears it apart into all the crunchy GURPS maneuvers and modifiers. If you poke around in the archives, you’ll find a bunch of similar GURPS-ification of scenes from TV and movies. Really rewarding stuff.

Reading these scene breakdowns, I realized a couple of things.

First, mooks spend a lot of time taking a Do Nothing maneuver. They’ll be caught flat-footed, or distracted, or Stunned, or something. The one thing that you can bet a TV mook will not do is, take an Attack maneuver on their every turn. It’s striking to me how many fight scenes boil down to “Hero gets in the first telling blow. Bad guys never get it together again.” Here is a wonderful example.

That “first telling blow” bit leads directly to the second, more important realization:  the “Cascading Waits” section from GURPS Martial Arts, page 108, is really super-duper useful and I should be making it my good friend. That thing that they do in the movies, where the camera flashes around to everybody’s eyes as they realize they’re going to combat time? That’s a Quick Contest…