Rituals for Pirates. Also, grenades.

by mshrm

“This one has more scars… more fights.” (nods towards the other) “You’ve got a better chance against this one.” — Captain Flint, “Black Sails”, season 2, episode 1

Detect Warrior
Spell Effects: Lesser Sense Body + Lesser Sense Mind
Inherent Modifiers: None.
Greater Effects: 0 (x1)

This spell allows the caster to examine others’ auras for personal combat ability, so as to pick out the most powerful fighter. It is used to answer such questions as “Which one should we hire?” and “Which one should we shoot first?” Combat readiness is measured from the condition of the subject’s body and mind, weighing several factors. Among these are: current ST and Hit Points, including any natural modifiers, such as the effects of wounds or disease; Advantages and Disadvantages, such as Combat Reflexes or Cowardice, that reflect upon one’s readiness to do battle; points in combat-related Skills and Perks. There are many tactically-significant factors that the spell ignores. Importantly, it says nothing about how one is armed or one’s tactical circumstances. For example, it might point out the world-class wrestler, tightly bound on the deck of another ship, while skipping over the sniper in that ship’s rigging.

Typical Casting: Lesser Sense Body (2) + Lesser Sense Mind (2) + Range, 200 yards (0). 4 energy (4 x 1).

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion
Spell Effects: Lesser Strengthen Body + Lesser Strengthen Mind
Inherent Modifiers: Area of Effect + Bestows a Bonus, to Seamanship
Greater Effects: 0 (x1)

Many rolls against Seamanship are against the crew’s average skill. This spell gives every member of a ship’s crew a bonus to Seamanship for a day, raising that average.

Typical Casting: Lesser Strengthen Body (3) + Lesser Strengthen Mind (3) + Area of Effect, 20 yard radius (12) + Bestows a Bonus, +2 to Seamanship (2) + Duration, 1 day (7). 27 energy (27 x 1).


Dapper Me!
Spell Effects: Lesser Restore Matter
Inherent Modifiers: None.
Greater Effects: 0 (x1)

As requested by one of the players:  Usually cast as a charm, this spell cleans and performs minor repairs on an outfit of clothes worn by the caster.

Typical Casting: Lesser Control Magic (5) + Lesser Restore Matter (4). 9 energy (9 x 1).

And, as promised, grenades.

As far as I can tell, there are no official, published examples of small TL 4 grenades. There’s mention of them in GURPS High-Tech, but the earliest example from that book given stats is the TL 5 grenade à main. Coming at it from the other side, GURPS Low-Tech has several TL 3 versions, using serpentine rather than black powder, and a couple of larger TL 4 bombs.

Historically speaking, I’m finding references to hand-held “grenados” from the late 1600’s. Maybe a trifle late for our 1657 starting point, but close enough. After all, who can resist little round iron bombs with honest-to-goodness fuses sticking out of them? Anyway, if I don’t provide stats up front, some PC will surely start pouring powder into a hollow gourd during play.

So, for simplicity, we’ll say that the TL 5 grenade à main is the equivalent of a TL 4 iron grenado. Any improvised version made from gourds, empty rum bottles, or the like will take the stats of the TL 3 paper bomb from GURPS Low-Tech, page 85.